reasons to take a vacation

10 good reasons to take a vacation

Most people don’t need a good reason to take a vacation. But in case you do, there’s not one, but ten great reasons to inspire you to pack your bags and take off.

You work too much

Take it from someone who is dictating this because my hands are wrecked from working so much. You’re probably too attached to work, even work you’re not particularly attached to. Before you know it, you’re burned out, stressed, and checked out of your actual life. So if you notice yourself getting into a toxic work habit, let it go and go away for a bit.

You just lost your job

I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. After you lose your job, it’s not uncommon to feel like your life has no direction, like you lost part of your identity. But work most definitely isn’t everything, and before you know it you’ll be back on your feet. Without having to worry about how much PTO you have, a vacation is an awesome way to restart your career. Besides, you can apply for jobs from anywhere. Why would you do it from your couch?

Because of a major accomplishment

Life is full of long and difficult journeys, trials, and tribulations. And any big accomplishment, like graduating from college or beating cancer, is best commemorated with a trip. Unwind and enjoy yourself before your next big challenge. Big wins don’t come frequently, so when they do, you should make it count.

You just got out of a relationship

Sure, you could stay home crying into your pillow and listening to Adele after a break up. Or you can go live your best life in the Caribbean for a week. Nothing says you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man like taking a solo trip somewhere. Travel can give you closure, perspective, and more importantly, cuties with accents.

It’s your birthday

The older we get, the more depressing birthdays become. Yeah bitch, you’re old. You have crow’s feet and mom hips. You can spend your birthday dwelling on that, or you can be a fabulous old bitch in Greece instead. Embrace your wisdom and your experiences, and go have more of them.

To celebrate an anniversary/friendaversary

Celebrating a huge social milestone like an anniversary with a partner or 20 years of platonically socializing with the same person is a great reason to take a vacation. Bask in each other’s company and enjoy a new destination, and appreciate the fact that another human being has willingly tolerated you for another year.

Because there’s a good deal

Travel is like shopping. Sometimes the best reason to do it is because it was on sale and you couldn’t pass it up. Because who knows if those $99 fares are going to be around in a few months. This is the cheapest way to travel, and will usually take you to places you never dreamed you’d see.

Because you/your friends will be pregnant soon

Life comes at you fast. By the time you get to your 30s, you see more of your friend’s kids than you do of your friends. Knowing that you’re ready to settle down and start a family or knowing other people in that stage of life is the perfect reason to get away. It’s the time to do the crazy dangerous things that you won’t want to do when you’re responsible for another human being.

To visit friends that live far away

As people age and we get to know ourselves, people often find their happiness in a different place. It becomes harder to stay in touch with people as you age, but it doesn’t have to. Because visiting friends is an awesome reason to travel. You get to stay for free, catch up, and see a new city with the help of a local guide.

To treat yourself

Be honest. Do you really need a good reason to go on vacation? Life is hard, you work hard, and you survive it day after day. So treat yourself. Take a little weekend trip upstate or a two-week trek in Asia. Life is short, so enjoy the hell out of it.





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