Koh Samui vacation rentals

5 most ridiculous ways to live it up in Koh Samui

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Thailand is a well-known destination for welcoming tourists of all types. From high end luxury travelers to backpackers this country seems to be able to find a way to welcome them all in. If you have ever wanted to go off and experience a taste of luxury Thailand is a top place to do so. If you are looking for an island experience Koh Samui vacation rentals offer some of the finest in the country along with an array of other indulgences you can choose from.

Easily reachable from Bangkok, Koh Samui offers the seclusion and enjoyment of island time without a lot of hassles to get to making it an ideal choice for those without a lot of time. Conde Nast Traveler has rated Koh Samui one of the best beach holidays in the world. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of an island holiday but without the rough edges this is the island for you.

Whether you are traveling as a group, a couple, a family or getting away for a special vacation there can be something here for everyone. Koh Samui is also rated in the top ranks for having world class spa and yoga destinations. If you are looking for a holiday to live it up, here are five things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Rent a Private Villa

If you are already tasted the experience of luxury travel then you can be pleasantly surprised by the private villa offerings on Koh Samui. If you are wanting to dip your toes into what that life is like Koh Samui is the place to try. Particularly for those traveling as a group or family, sharing the cost of renting a private luxury villa can be surprisingly affordable. You can look for places with infinity pools, hot tubs, mountain views, seaside views, game rooms, formal dining areas and entertainment rooms. With modern décor, high end amenities and all the comforts of home, you may never want to go back to regular hotel rooms again. So have a look around and don’t hold back on finding yourself some amazing accommodation options for your stay.

Koh Samui vacation rentals

Hire a Private Cook

The next step to living it up on Koh Samui is to hire a private cook. This can really give you the feeling that you’re living like a celebrity. The island is full of fresh produce and goods. Thailand in general has a reputation worldwide for having amazing food. Maybe you don’t hire a private cook for all your meals, but it would be nice to have one for one or two nice dinners so you and your family or friends can just enjoy the amazing digs you are at.

Indulge in Spa Services

There are a couple of options of how you can go about this. There are phenomenal spa and massage places all around the island. You could opt to have someone come to your rented villa and give you massage and spa services there or you can simply go out and sample places that are around you. If you are into yoga, Koh Samui also has a strong and well recognized yoga community too. You can enjoy sunrise yoga on the beach and finding other people to share the joy of yoga with. Wellness retreats are also a very popular retreat activity for people. If you have been feeling run down or that you need to recharge, this could be an excellent place to find a top notch wellness retreat.

Hire a Driver

Although it does sound fancy to say ‘hire a driver’ it is quite common to do this all over Thailand. Thailand is notorious for having fast driving scooters buzzing around all over the roads. Some visitors do not feel comfortable jumping onto the back of a scooter. There are taxi services available too, however sometimes you may not know how much a fare might cost or have a harder time agreeing upon everything ahead of time. By hiring a driver from either the place you are staying or an agency in town, you can request to get an English speaking driver and know your route ahead of time. In this way you can simply request your driver to take you wherever you like and have a no frills day. The rule of thumb no matter who or how you choose to go about hiring a driver is to always make sure you agree upon the price ahead of time.

Spend the Day at the Beach

So this might sound so simple but make sure you don’t forget to plan yourself a day at the beach into your itinerary. A huge part of the appeal of going to Thailand and specifically to Koh Samui is to enjoy the warm water and white sandy beaches. At almost all the beaches some sort of restaurant will exists where you can enjoy a lunch at your leisure. Ensure you don’t get caught forgetting sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water. Visitors are particularly susceptible to dehydration and sun burn. The sun rays can be super intense and if you are not arriving to Koh Samui with well-tanned skin already, be extra careful you don’t burn yourself. There have been and will be plenty burned tourists painfully walking around the island so make sure you are not one of them.

As you are planning your next vacation, if you want to take it up a notch and have a ridiculously awesome vacation, consider going to Koh Samui. This island life is waiting to welcome you.



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