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Avoid having your belongings stolen on Miami Beach

Miami has some of the best beaches in the country, so a day swimming in the warm crystal clear waters and sunning on the sand is guaranteed to be heavenly. But you don’t want to come back from a refreshing dip in the Atlantic to find that your wallet has been stolen off your towel. For all of Miami Beach’s natural beauty, the people are absolute degenerates who will leave you without so much as a change of clothes if you give them the chance. By following a few tips, you can avoid having your belongings stolen on Miami Beach.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended

A lot of tourists from Canada or Europe who live in places where you can safely leave your house unlocked don’t always know how to adjust to different places. They’ll pitch a cozy beach towel complete with a smart phone and speakers or a tablet for reading or expensive sunglasses, and then they’ll go wander around the shore, leaving behind all their belongings accessible to thieves. The safest thing to do in Miami Beach is to treat it like an airport and keep your belongings with you at all times.

Take turns going in the water

An easy way to avoid leaving behind your chairs and towels with all your things is to split up to go in the water. Usually not everyone wants to dive in at the same time anyway. As long as someone stays behind with your stuff, you’ll be okay. This is the most enjoyable and stress-free way to go for a swim.

Don’t bring important documents

In many countries, it’s common and even recommended to always carry your passport around with you. Don’t bring it to the beach. No one on the beach will ask you for identification and if your purse gets snatched while you’re in the water, it’s going to be a nightmare to replace that kind of thing. If you want to buy drinks, you can always bring a driver’s license or other ID that you don’t necessarily need for a return flight. Carry small amounts of cash and only one credit card just in case. If you lose your whole wallet, it’ll be a lot more trouble to replace every single thing.

Avoid bringing expensive electronics

Bose speakers sound really nice, but they’re also a nice grab for thieves wandering the beach who are looking for something to pawn. Smart phones are another desirable item so you don’t want to leave it out glinting in the sun while you saunter up and down the shore. If you’re staying on Miami Beach, leave it charging in the hotel room and disconnect. If you have no choice but to bring it or you want to have it on you for photos or messages, then make sure you hide it in your bag when you’re away from it. Put it in a hidden pocket or inside a bag of tampons.

Keep an eye on your stuff

The stretch of sand on the beach is vast both north and south and east to west. There’s a whole lot of space for you to plant your flag and relax, but the best way to avoid having your belongings stolen in Miami Beach is to stay as close to the water as possible. Especially if you’re alone or all of you want to go in the water at the same time. The closer you are to the water, the better you’ll be able to see your stuff when you’re away from it. Any opportunists stalking the beaches will also know that so they’ll stay away where they risk being easily seen.

Don’t leave anything in your car

If you’re renting a car while you’re in town, you may be tempted to leave your phone or wallet inside your car while you go to the beach instead. Don’t do that. Your car is even more isolated than your stuff is in the sand and far more susceptible to a smash and grab. If you do leave anything of value in the car, keep it in the glove compartment where it’s not visible and can be locked away. Make sure the car is locked, too. That one should go without saying, but you know… just in case.

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