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The best bakeries in Prague

The age of neverending Covid lockdowns have really impressed on us the need for delicious and easily portable food. And what’s more delicious than baked goods? When we can’t sit down to brunch, we can always have a coffee and pastry on the go. To help you in your search for a fresh baguette or a great donut, I present to you the best bakeries in Prague.

Myšák Pastry Shop

Myšák is one of the more high-end bakeries in town, where traditional Czech sweets meet modern gourmet. The historic spot which has been open since 1911 features a picturesque interior and adorable pastries to match. If you have to try just one Czech pastry anywhere in Prague, make it the caramel cream-filled vetrnik from Myšák. It’s a good place to sit and eat as they offer a simple breakfast menu, but if they’re operating as take-out only, then you can take home a classy box of goodies as a treat or a gift.

Le Caveau

Le Caveau is the place to go when you’re looking for a good crusty French bread in Prague, which is surprisingly hard to find. Their bakeries at Krymska and JZP sell a variety of breads, croissants, tarts, and other goodies. So if you want to avoid the cookie-cutter French bullshit they sell at Paul, you can get a warm pain au chocolat or a braided bread here.

Oh Deer Bakery

best bakeries in prague cronuts

I’m a big fan of places that do one thing very well. For the past couple of years, Oh Deer has been doing just that by bringing cronuts to Prague. Out of everything on this list, their gooey sugar bombs are the most indulgent. So much so that their company tagline is “Fuck your diet.” Their crave-worthy flavor combinations include: raspberry-lemon, Nutella-caramel, and red velvet. Seasonal and holiday specials come and go throughout the year as well. They have locations at in New Town, Malostranska, and IP Pavlova.

Café Savoy

best bakeries in prague

Though it’s typically a tourist-infested spot in Prague, the elegant Viennese-style restaurant and café also produces and sells their own baked goods. So even if you can’t sit down at Cafe Savoy for a meal, you can grab some pastries or bread and take them to go. Their selection includes cakes (including birthday cakes to order), pralines, macaroons, strudels, and a variety of croissants to name a few.

Pekárna Praktika

I may be slightly biased in including this one, as my own flour-covered fiancé bakes some of these delectable goodies behind the scenes. Nonetheless, some of their unique offerings undoubtedly make Pekarna Praktika one of the best bakeries in Prague. Among my favorites are the sesame chocolate babka and the kimchee croissants. The majority of their baked goods, including pastries, donuts, and bread are made with flour milled in-house at their Bělehradská location.

best bakeries in prague

Antoninovo pekarstvi (Anthony’s Bakery)

With several convenient locations scattered around town, this bakery serves up all the standard Czech baked goods, and they do it very well. If you’re itching to have a poppy strudel or homemade gingerbread, Antoninovo will suit you well. They also sell a sizable variety of breads that includes rye, wheat, walnut, olive, and buckwheat.

So there you have it. These places are the reason why I’m ten pounds heavier than I was a year ago.

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