best castles in europe

The best European castles on Airbnb

Sometimes when I’m feeling uninspired (and kind of bougie), I look up interesting places to stay somewhere. Because if you’re spending a night in a medieval castle, does it really matter where it is? So I went on a hunt for some of the best European castles on Airbnb that I might be able to actually afford. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Golejów, Poland

best castles on airbnb

$15/per person per night

This modest 5-bedroom fairy-tale castle is surrounded by a moat on which you can canoe. The outside also has a fountain and garden, so you can feel like you’re in a Disney movie. The interior is pretty basic, but it’s $15 a night. I’ve stayed in absolute shitholes in Western Europe for five times that. For an extra fee, you can also order breakfast and use the sauna.

Tuscania, Italy

best castles on airbnb


This listing offers an unforgettable night in the medieval tower of the San Giusto Abbey located in a valley in Lazio, Italy. The stone interior looks grand and cozy all at the same time. Since you’ll be up in the tower, you’ll have beautiful views of the surrounding areas, which are full of pastures for horses and lavender fields!

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

best castles on airbnb


You can stay in the tower wing of this 13th century castle, where you can play pool by the fireplace or just strut around like a Scottish king. This would be the perfect night’s stop on a road trip from Edinburgh, which is just two hours away. Doesn’t this look like the kind of place that you would stop just to look at?

Saint-Martin-de-Lixy, France

best european castles on airbnb


At the Chateau de Barnay, your castle apartment is accessible by a spiral staircase in one of the three towers. The interior features a huge modern kitchen along with two stone fireplaces so you can feel extra cozy. You can use this castle as a base to take daytrips to nearby cities like Lyon, Montpellier, and Geneva, you fancy ass motherfucker.

Castlemartyr, Ireland

best airbnb castles in europe


This gorgeous stone castle is just east of Cork. So much of this 16th castle is original that I’m not even sure if
it has electricity. But it has steep as fuck steps up the tower, which you have full access to during your stay.

Veuil, France


This is technically not a listing for an entire castle, but for a private room. But it’s the only room in a castle that matters: the king’s quarters. This beautifully decorated arched stone room features a four-poster bed and other period furniture. You know when you’re at a museum and all the ornate furniture is behind glass or cordoned off? Finally, you have access to everything!

Davos, Switzerland

best airbnb castles in europe


For this price, this likely the cheapest thing you’ll do in Switzerland. Located in the highest city in Europe, Chateau Bruxelles, gives you a fabulous place to sleep with a spectacular view of the mountains. Though the inside looks like an IKEA showroom, this is a classy choice for people who want to ski or snowboard in town.

Třebešice, Czech Republic

best european castles on airbnb


This Renaissance castle complex has been remodeled, and features seven suites in different styles. The price is per suite, though they do group discounts. Aside from having gorgeous gardens and its own farm, this castle features a funky modern library and a large dining hall that looks like the perfect setting for a creepy music video.


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