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Best glamping rentals on Airbnb

It’s been a tough year for travel, and not everyone is willing to get on a crowded plane to go get potentially sick in another city. In order to get away, many people have turned to the great outdoors. But let’s face it, camping in tents is not for everyone. Luckily, those of us looking to embrace social distancing in the middle of nowhere can still find a happy medium by going glamping instead. Glamping rentals on Airbnb can provide some inspiration for a countryside getaway no matter where you live.

Glamping in Greece

best glamping rentals greece

This Greek rental is located in Galatas just a short ferry to the island of Poros, so you’ll have plenty of things to explore when you don’t want to be lounging in your outdoor digs. On the other hand, if you don’t want to stray too far, you have access to a semi-private beach at your campsite. The cozy tent sits on an olive farm so you’ll be surrounded by nature from morning to evening. The rental includes a private bathroom and WiFi, because no one wants to fuck around in 1876.

Glamping in Sweden

best glamping rentals

This glampsite is exactly like the one in Greece, but it’s in Sweden so it’s three times more expensive. Located in the small locality of Steninge, this glamping tent is in the middle of a forest but just a few minutes from the beach in the west of the country. At this Airbnb glamping rental, you can barbecue, make smores in the fire pit, or play board games to pass the time.

Glamping in New Zealand

best glamping rentals airbnb

Aside from being in one of the only places in the world where you’re extremely unlikely to get coronavirus, this New Zealand glamping rental wins for its lavish outdoor tub. It’s an Instagram influencer’s wet dream. Located in Pukehina on the North Island, the glampsite is fully stocked with a gas oven and flush toilet, and if you’re traveling in a group, you can rent an additional sleeping space, the gypsy caravan.

Glamping in Portugal

glamping airbnb

Can you even look at that picture without thinking “Are you fucking kidding me with this?” This glamping rental in Ponta Do Sol is on a hill under a freaking waterfall which faces the Atlantic Ocean. If the teepee doesn’t look impressive to you, that’s because you haven’t seen the adjacent indoor outdoor bathroom. During your stay you’ll be surrounded by tropical plants and fruit trees and absolutely no one else because you’re on a cliff facing the ocean. Naked sunbathing, anyone?

Glamping rentals in Indonesia

glamping rentals airbnb

This is technically cheating, because this site is located at an ecolodge on the island of Lombok with a pool and several other glamping tents. But who cares? There’s a pool! If you prefer a resort stay to a true glamping experience, the ability to order food and drinks and get new linens every day will probably appeal to you. It’s the perfect experience if you like your glamping rentals a little bougie.

Glamping in Alaska

glamping rentals around the world

Mountains, the northern lights – what’s not to love? This modest glampsite in Alaska features a firepit, private deck with a mountain view, and a motherfucking hot tub. If your Alaskan cruise got cancelled this year, glamping in the countryside is definitely the next best thing. There’s no electricity in the tents, so you’ll be into-the-wilding it up off the grid. Considering how shitty everything is, not having access to the internet is probably the best thing you could possibly do during your vacation.

Glamping in the Czech Republic

best glamping rentals czech republic

If you want to take your glamping to new heights, try a treehouse instead of a tent. This Czech glampsite in the town of Nová Bystřice features a small kitchen and bathroom in addition to an outdoor firepit so you can do as the Czechs do and grill sausage while you get beer wasted. The location puts you a short distance from Ceske Budejovice and Cesky Krumlov if you want to explore beyond the camp.

Glamping rentals in Australia

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This tent – one of several – is located in Blewitt Springs in South Australia and it’s sure to make you feel like Indiana Jones on an expedition. The glamping rentals are set on a farmland that overlooks the McLaren Vale wine region, so you’ll be close to civilization and also lots of alcohol. If you like animals, you might also find the grazing sheep nearby relaxing to watch.

Glamping in Costa Rica

glamping airbnb

This luxurious treehouse in Carara is big enough for 5 and is situated in the canopy of a rainforest. This means you’ll probably share your stay with monkeys, birds, and a fuckton of mosquitos. But whatever, pura vida, I guess! The important thing is that you’ll have a fabulous bathroom available to you and all the adventure hiking you could ever need. If you get sick of the rainforest, you’re only 20 minutes away from the beaches. Count me all the way in!


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