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The best places to propose in Prague

Prague is a disgustingly romantic city, which makes it a great destination to get down on one knee and pop the question. If you can hold off on proposing in the first corner of town where there’s a busker playing the accordion, then you can craft the perfect moment in one of many stunning sights around town. The key is finding a place that is beautiful but isn’t full of tourist crowds. (Yes, this means that Charles Bridge and Old Town Square are out of the question.) So what are the most beautiful and intimate places where you can propose in Prague? Let me take you there.

Vitkov Hill

propose in prague vitkov

Zizkov’s National Monument provides a great bird’s eye view of the city and is usually sparsely occupied. The giant monolithic monument can be reached from one of dozens of interweaving trails. Once at the peak, there are multiple viewpoints around the monument’s edge that give you a view across the river, north to Karlin and south to Vinohrady. It’s a great place to watch the sun set and an easy location to steal a moment to propose.

Kampa Island

The area around Charles Bridge is a hotbed of tourist activity, especially on the Old Town side. If you’re enamored with the idea of proposing in view of Charles Bridge, your best bet is to do it from Kampa Island, which is just under the bridge on the castle side. You can reach the park and the water’s edge by walking about a third of the way across the bridge and taking the staircase down. Most tourists keep going all the way across the bridge so you’ll avoid the huge crowds. Boats dock in the area and unless there’s a special event going on nearby, your spectators are more likely to be swans and ducks than people.

Vltava River

propose in prague river

Another way to propose in Prague that allows you enjoy the splendor of the city center without the crowds is to do it on the river by renting a paddleboat. Paddleboating is easy, fun, and pretty cheap by the hour. The paddleboat route takes you past some of the city’s most wonderful sights but still allows you to keep the moment fairly private. Some of the bars along the Vltava sell alcohol to boaters so you can grab a drink after to celebrate your engagement.

Letna Beer Garden

propose in prague letna

A beer garden probably doesn’t sound like the most romantic place to propose, but when it has this view, you might change your mind. The Letna Beer Garden is only open during the summer months, though the view is accessible year round. Despite sounding like a rowdy place, it’s not usually very crowded except on weekends, and it’s not hard to snag a table at the outermost edge so you can enjoy the view across the river into Old Town. There’s drinks, food, and nice gardens around to enjoy on the walk there.


propose in prague vysehrad

While most tourists are tripping over each other to get to Prague Castle, another historic fort that overlooks the river is largely ignored. Vyšehrad is located on the east bank of the river and the fortified walls that surround it as well as the bright gardens that dot its grounds provide ample opportunities for a romantic and intimate proposal.

Prague Castle Gardens

propose in prague castle

Is it actually possible to find a romantic and quiet spot in Prague’s most visited attraction? Actually, yes. Prague Castle is huge and sprawls far beyond where people think it does. Most tourists arrive by tram or metro from the river-facing side and keep their exploring to the main castle complex and the South Gardens which overlook the city. But the Royal Garden, which sits on the opposite side of the complex, is a huge expanse of land that is mostly empty. If you’re set on getting the better view, the best time to propose from the South Gardens is early morning or late afternoon when the crowds have dwindled.

St. Clara’s Vineyard

propose in prague

St. Clara’s Vineyard is located in the Botanical Garden, which is a wonderful and not heavily trodden city attraction so it’s a great spot to propose in Prague. The small outdoor area of the vineyard overlooks Troja Palace and its hedge maze, making this a unique view of the city. The best part of this location is that as you sample the vineyard’s wine selections, you’ll work up the courage to pop the question.

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