Dating European Men

The best things about dating European men

I recently read a sweet article where Europeans detailed what they love about dating Americans, so I thought I would return the favor. If you’re wondering why this isn’t gender inclusive, it’s because the saying is true: a good woman is hard to find. But in Europe, good men are plentiful. And here are all the best things about them.

They put a lot of effort into planning dates.

Whether you’re going on a first date or you’ve been seeing each other for a while, Europeans love good dates. Since I moved to Europe, the most boring date I’ve been on was to the movies, and that was my suggestion. European men are really thoughtful when planning a date. They’ll take into consideration what you like and suggest things you’ll really enjoy.

Being a foreigner, everything is new and I think everything is awesome. So they go out of their way to show me their city and way of life. Even if they’re just inviting you out for drinks, they’ll put an interesting spin on it like going to a winery or brewery or to a rooftop bar with a good sunset. This is a nice change from going out for drinks whatever is closest and has the best Happy Hour.

They listen instead of just waiting for their turn to speak.

This is a generalization and results may vary (I mean, have you met a Spaniard?). But one of my favorite things about dating Europeans is that they give a shit about you, and they show it. In the US, going on a date means watching someone nod politely while you talk about yourself as they visibly restrain themselves from telling you about their cool new business idea. And at this point, I’m too old to be dating anybody if all we do is talk past each other. It’s refreshing to have conversations that are not one-sided discourses on what they do and what they enjoy.

If they like you, they take a genuine interest.

Most Europeans are really direct. They don’t believe in meaningless niceties just for the sake of saying something. So if someone asks “How are you?” it’s because they actually want the answer to that, not because it’s the expected thing to say when you see someone. So when a man asks me, “What’s it like to write a book?” it’s because he’s genuinely interested in my response.

And as someone who is more interested in writing than I am in dating, one of my favorite things is that they also love reading what I write. A guy I met once and had a beautiful romantic weekend with months ago still messages me every once in a while to tell me my blog is hilarious and that he’s thinking of me when he’s masturbating (Hey you! 😉 ) It’s not forced or faked to impress, it’s just genuine.

They’re well-traveled.

My life is basically one long vacation, so I hate fielding awkward questions like: Why do you travel so much? How can you afford that? When are you going to settle down and stop traveling? But what are your real life goals?

I mean, I get it. For Americans, even domestic travel takes a lot of effort and is really expensive, especially when you’re spending all your time and money going to Disney five times a year. So my lifestyle choices seem strange and extreme. But Europeans travel all the time, so I don’t have to justify myself to anybody. When I tell someone “I’m going to Thailand,” I’m met with some encouraging response like, “That’s great! I went a year ago. Make sure you don’t miss James Bond Island.”

They love wild Hispanic hair.

Life is hard when you have messy curly hair. I pay a lot of money and spend a lot of hours straightening this unruly mane of mine. And when I don’t, I look like I’m starring in the stage version of The Lion King. But European men love it, probably because they’re not used to hair that has this much volume. I’ve actually been (politely) asked not to straighten it. And if it’ll save me 45 minutes of time, I’m totally game.

They cook and they love to share.

Excluding some cultures (Italians, looking at you), Europeans are much more fluid about gender roles. This is nice, not only because of my feminist leanings, but because I’m basically useless in the kitchen. So being asked to cook is not only offensive, it’s also confusing.

But European men love cooking. I haven’t gotten a single dick pic since I’ve been here, but I get pictures of dinner all the time. They love showing off their skills in the kitchen. And like their dates, homemade meals are an elaborate affair and made lovingly from scratch.

They think we’re awesome in bed.

The rumors are true. Sex in Europe is amazing, but not exactly for the reason you’d expect. Yes, European men are passionate and intense. But I’m Hispanic; I only ever have sex that’s passionate and intense. If you’re going to be boring in bed, you might as well be watching Netflix.

No, the real reason is because they love having sex with us. Evidently, compared to European women, we’re sex goddesses from their wildest fantasies. So on top of the fact that they don’t feel entitled to sex, they’re downright grateful and complimentary after they get it. Who wants to be 1 of 50 girls some douchebag met on Tinder when you can be the one he’s fantasizing about for the next 7 years? That’s so hot, I need a cigarette just thinking about it.

The accents.

I mean, really. Can you just tell me the entire history of the universe? Slowly.

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