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  • The worst cities I’ve ever visited

    The worst cities I’ve ever visited

    Not every city in the world is amazing and beautiful. Some cities are downright dumps or totally forgettable. Though I usually fall in love everywhere I go, there are some places that just weren’t for me. Here are five of the worst cities I’ve ever visited. But don’t despair. There are always great alternatives nearby.…

  • Visiting the Brussels Atomium

    Visiting the Brussels Atomium

    Brussels is, by and large, a total shithole. But the Brussels Atomium is a quirky little attraction that’s worth checking out if you’re the kind of person that would enjoy a world’s fair. What is the Brussels Atomium? The funky shaped structure was in fact constructed for the 1958 World’s Fair and currently houses a…

  • Could I Live Here? Brussels Edition

    Could I Live Here? Brussels Edition

    When I started telling people I bought a one-way ticket to Brussels, their responses ranged from puzzled to horrified to “Are you joining ISIS?” Like almost everyone, I was also somewhat worried about being in what has become a hot spot for terrorist activity as of late. But unlike almost everyone, I went ahead and…

  • Belgian Pride in Brussels

    Belgian Pride in Brussels

    Over 60,000 were in Brussels over the weekend to proudly celebrate LGBT culture. Here are some of the festivities of the weekend.