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  • The best churches in the world

    The best churches in the world

    Though I have a general disdain for organized religion and I barely even believe in God, I have a deep affinity for churches. They always have the most ornate, beautiful architecture. They always create an amazing outline in a city’s skyline. They’re calm, quiet, and they have a distinct comforting scent. And even if you’re…

  • Travel for food

    Travel for food

    When most people plan a vacation somewhere, they think about what there is to do or see there. But there are some places that are worth visiting simply because of what there is to eat there. Why it’s worth it to travel for food One of the best ways to experience culture is to eat…

  • Top 3 romantic cities in the world

    Top 3 romantic cities in the world

    Every place has its own unique feel to it. Some cities are exciting; others serene. Some inspire creativity, joy, or fun.  The cities on this short list are all places that are inherently romantic. Whether you’re with a significant other or not, something about the architecture, the weather, or the general vibe of each of…