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  • Could I Live Here? Karlovy Vary Edition

    Could I Live Here? Karlovy Vary Edition

    Having lived in the Czech Republic for four years and traveled around the country quite a bit, I can easily say that Karlovy Vary is my favorite city outside of Prague. We spent a weekend in the famed spa town, and I think it’s something I could get used to doing on a yearly basis.…

  • Notes on travel post-Covid

    Notes on travel post-Covid

    There’s a lot that’s changed over the past couple of months, which has made travel nearly impossible, and in some ways, impractical. After careful deliberation, we decided to take a short weekend trip in the world post-covid and here is what was different and what you should prepare for when you decide to travel again.…

  • Wellness weekend in Karlovy Vary

    Wellness weekend in Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary has been a popular spa resort town for centuries due to its thermal hot springs and its lush green surroundings. After being cooped up at home for three months, it seemed like the perfect first trip post-coronavirus quarantine. The city did not disappoint; in fact, the biggest disappointment is that I’ve been living…