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  • Day trips from London

    Day trips from London

    Though I can’t imagine why you’d be in any hurry to leave London, there’s a lot to do outside the city in places where you might not otherwise want to spend the night. If you’re using the city as a home base, there are several interesting half-day and full-day trips from London that are worth…

  • The best churches in the world

    The best churches in the world

    Though I have a general disdain for organized religion and I barely even believe in God, I have a deep affinity for churches. They always have the most ornate, beautiful architecture. They always create an amazing outline in a city’s skyline. They’re calm, quiet, and they have a distinct comforting scent. And even if you’re…

  • One day in Liverpool

    One day in Liverpool

    If you don’t have the opportunity for a long stay in Liverpool, you can enjoy it as a day trip from a nearby (or not so nearby) city, like Manchester, Leeds, or even London. From Manchester or Leeds, you can get to Liverpool and back in under an hour. If you take a direct train…