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  • The worst cities I’ve ever visited

    The worst cities I’ve ever visited

    Not every city in the world is amazing and beautiful. Some cities are downright dumps or totally forgettable. Though I usually fall in love everywhere I go, there are some places that just weren’t for me. Here are five of the worst cities I’ve ever visited. But don’t despair. There are always great alternatives nearby.…

  • Buying goods in Morocco

    Buying goods in Morocco

    Morocco is full of opportunities to buy unique goods as gifts or souvenirs. Many people make a living from selling their wares so they will try very hard to make the most off of them. Luckily for you, craftsmen and vendors are flexible and the country is known for its practice of friendly haggling to…

  • Why you should take a tour in Morocco

    Why you should take a tour in Morocco

    I’ve always hated tours. Generally, they are overly regimented and you end up doing very little of what you actually want to do. But when we went to Morocco, we felt there was almost no other option that would allow us to vacation there, and as it turns out, we were absolutely right. Here are…