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  • Is Lake Bled dog-friendly?

    Is Lake Bled dog-friendly?

    Dog-friendly Lake Bled is a wonderful vacation destination if you want to hike, boat, and dine with your dog.

  • Traveling to Dresden with your dog

    Traveling to Dresden with your dog

    As the heart of Saxony, Dresden is an amazing place to take your pup along. Not only is Dresden surrounded by natural beauty, the city itself is extremely dog-friendly. Read on to find out everything you need to know about traveling to Dresden with a dog. How dog-friendly is Dresden? Like most major cities in…

  • Traveling to Munich with a dog

    Traveling to Munich with a dog

    Germany is generally dog-friendly, so you can expect the same kind of experience in Bavaria’s capital as you would in Berlin. Munich has plenty of activities both you and your dogs can enjoy together including spacious parks and famous beer gardens. If you’re thinking of traveling to Munich with a dog, here is what you…

  • Is Hallstatt dog-friendly?

    Is Hallstatt dog-friendly?

    One of Austria’s most photographed places, Hallstatt attracts visitors from all over the world who are drawn to the adorable town and its stunning natural surroundings. Hallstatt sits on the edge of Lake Hallstatt and is flanked by majestic mountains that are part of the Upper Austrian Alps. With all this natural beauty, who wouldn’t…

  • Is Salzburg dog-friendly?

    Is Salzburg dog-friendly?

    Like most of Austria and neighboring countries like Czech Republic and Germany, Salzburg is fairly dog-friendly. Dogs can enjoy many of the city’s popular sites, particularly since many are outdoors. Dogs can also ride public transportation and go with their owners to many of the city’s restaurants and cafes. If you’re traveling to Salzburg with…

  • Traveling to Prague with a dog

    Traveling to Prague with a dog

    Dog parents looking to take their furry friend on vacation around Europe are welcome in a lot of major cities which have varying degrees of dog-friendliness. Perhaps one of the most dog-friendly is Prague. Traveling to Prague with a dog can be quite a treat for both you and your dog. What can you expect?…