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  • Could I Live Here? Nice Edition

    Could I Live Here? Nice Edition

    Though Nice is a great travel destination, would this glitzy seaside town be a great long-term home? Here are the pros and cons of living in Nice.

  • Global warming is here to ruin travel

    Global warming is here to ruin travel

    The major effects of global warming are already affecting the travel industry. What can tourists do?

  • Paris in the rain

    Paris in the rain

    Bad weather can easily put a damper on any vacation. But sometimes a layer of water on the ground is just what a city needs to be as resplendent as it can be. And Paris, with all its iconic sights and dazzling lights, looks particularly lovely under a few clouds and some light rain.

  • 2016 Funnies

    By popular demand, and because I just figured out how to post something on WordPress without publicizing it, here are the quotes I’ve been keeping to myself for months. -How many people have you jacked off with your feet? -Three -I’m kind of offended. No one’s even asked me! -Have you ever given a foot…