Enjoying a romantic evening in Paris by yourself

Paris is definitely one of the most romantic places on earth. Even when I came for the first time and hated it, I could feel the romantic vibe it has. The city exudes it. I’ve never visited Paris with a lover, only with friends. Which is actually perfectly fitting, because there’s no greater love in the world than good friends.

With one exception: self-love. Though I’ve spent the past few days with several close friends, I had a night to myself while they went to go see Drake in concert. (I consider myself open-minded, but I would sooner drop dead than see Drake in concert.) So I took the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening to myself.

Let Paris help you love yourself

One of my friends recently told me that I only date people who are obsessed with me because I’m so obsessed with myself. She said it jokingly, but it’s totally true. She would know. She’s known me since I was 11. And I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with that.

In fact, I think that’s important. If you can’t love yourself, you’ll never be able to really love someone else. And if you’re looking for a good place to take yourself out, there’s no better city in the world than Paris to find your inner self-romantic. Because here’s a little secret. You don’t need to be with someone else to be romantic. That’s why people light candles and take long baths. But there’s this misconception that if you’re in public, you can’t enjoy a romantic atmosphere alone. You can! And Paris is the absolute best place to do so.

Get yourself something nice

flowers in paris

Paris is a shopper’s dream. No matter your budget, you can get yourself a nice little treat. Maybe you’re looking for some truffle oil to take home after your trip. Maybe you’ve been looking for a pair of shoes or a nice purse. From large department stores to high end boutiques, you’ll find the best of the best in Paris.

If it’s early enough, I recommend buying yourself flowers. Because even the flower-buying experience is a lovely treat. Go to any corner florist. There are a couple of great ones on Rue Cler. Pick out your favorite bouquet and let the florist arrange it and wrap it for you like a Christmas gift, bow and all.

Do something you really want to do

shakespeare and company paris

Travel with other people is an exercise in compromise. It’s finding the thing everyone can agree on and going at the time everyone is ready. If you’re taking yourself out on a date in Paris, you have no one to coordinate with but yourself. Many museums like the Centre Pompidou, are open late and will be less crowded in the evening. But you can also catch a show, enjoy a stroll along the Seine, or pick out a few books for yourself at Shakespeare and Company. You can even find a nice nook inside the bookstore to start reading them.

Eat the thing you’ve been craving

Sometimes you just need a gourmet burger and a craft beer.

Is there anything more satisfying and enjoyable than getting to eat something you really want? Decide what you’re craving and have it. You’re in Paris. You’ll find anything you’re craving and it’ll all be different degrees of amazing. Go 4.5 stars or higher because you’re really fucking special and you deserve it.

Hate eating alone? Challenge yourself. Do something that makes you uncomfortable so you can feel like a bad ass afterward who can conquer anything. It will help to go to a place with live music or one with a good view and enjoy it with the best company you can have: you. Read a book. Write postcards to loved ones. Text someone special in your life. But not too much! This night is about you! Or simply write (if you’re into that).

Have a moment

I’ve traveled all over the world and seen a million awe-inspiring sights. And I have to admit, the Eiffel Tower never stops being the most amazing structure I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I enjoy it every time like it’s the first time.

eiffel tower paris

So go see it right at the top of the hour after the sun has set. Find a bench in one of the parks on either side of the tower. It’ll be less crowded and less full of people trying to sell you souvenirs. Sit back, smoke a cigarette (even if you don’t smoke, smoke a cigarette!) and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle just for you. Think about your life, be grateful for your opportunities, your choices, and how lucky you are to be enjoying that moment with yourself.

When you treat yourself this well, you’ll never let anyone else treat you any less than amazing. And the best thing about taking yourself out is that your date will definitely come home with you at the end of the night.



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