around the world in 80 days

Epic adventure alert: Around the world in 80 days

After the success of their successful foray into Airbnb Experiences, which feature day tours and cooking classes, Airbnb is launching a new travel offering: Airbnb Adventures. These short 2-10 day trips are hosted journeys that might include mountain hiking or exploring small villages in the countryside. As part of their launch, they’re offering one EPIC trip that takes you around the world in 80 days. I don’t use the word epic lightly. The best part? It’s less than $5000.

The Around the World in 80 Days Adventure will take you on a 3-month journey to 18 countries across six continents from September 1 to November 19. It includes all overnight accommodations, which in true Airbnb fashion, range from campsites to homes to boats. More importantly, it includes transfers from each destination to the next. As someone who has researched “around the world” airline fares, I can tell you that it’s hard to get yourself to 5 or 6 cities for less than $5000, let alone 18 countries including the cost accommodations for three months. The trip also includes meals. It’s a testament to how much I love my friends and family that I’m not cancelling every trip I have coming up to go on this adventure.

So where does the journey go? It starts and ends in London, which is the only additional cost you would incur to go on this special adventure. From there, you’re off to Romania, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Ecuador, Chile, and Iceland. This trip has everything you’ve ever wanted to do from an African safari to a glacier walk. Imagine being able to see the Australian Outback and the Pyramids of Giza all for less than $5000. Are you imagining it? Because I’m salivating just thinking about it.

This social impact trip aims to introduce 8 lucky travelers into the local cultures and traditions of each destination. So a lot of the trip involves visiting the and spending time with your hosts, of which there are over 50, and could range from farmers to artisans. But if you’re not yet convinced about the awesomeness of this experience, all the proceeds from the trip go to the Malala Fund which aims to provide education and a voice to girls around the world.

As I said, I would put this on a credit card without a second thought, but I have travel conflicts. But YOU can book the adventure starting June 20 at 2 pm EST. This is a one-time deal, guys. I already verified it with the hosts, Our Global Comminuty. For updated information about booking the experience, follow Airbnb Adventures on Instagram.

Good luck trying to snag a spot! Send the rest of us poor mortals pictures of your journey!


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