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Getting an affordable travel photo shoot through Airbnb

You know those beautifully edited photos of travel influencers standing pensively at the edge of a beautiful cliff? You can have those too, and you don’t need an Instagram boyfriend to get them. That’s because you can rent one through Airbnb Experiences. A travel photo shoot can be a great way to capture a special family vacation, a couples retreat, or a solo getaway.

What’s the point of a travel photo shoot?

Most of us walk around with a pretty decent camera right in our pockets, so the ability to capture vacation moments is easy and straightforward. But there’s a big difference between what you can do and what a photographer can do, especially one that knows the most scenic places in their city. Most of the time, our travel portraits are selfies. While these can be fun and memorable, they don’t hold a candle to a beautiful professionally shot and edited set of photos. Other times, one person (usually the mom) in the group takes photos of everyone else takes pictures of everyone else, effectively leaving them out of the vacation memories.

To get a picture of everyone together while traveling, you either have to settle for a souvenir photo in front of a green screen animation or take your chances with some stranger on the street. Aside from the possibility that they could run away with your camera or phone, this person might also take a terrible photo that’s blurry or has a washed-out background. In the end, you end up with a lot of pictures of stuff and very few pictures of you and your travel companions.

A travel photo shoot is the perfect answer to these issues. It’s an opportunity to get some nicely captured memories from a trip. After all, we go to photo studios to take holiday photos and commemorate special birthdays or engagements. Why wouldn’t you want to do that when you have a beautiful background all around you? Take advantage of one special trip or capture every trip. You’re never going to look better than you do right now.

How Airbnb Experiences can connect you with local photographers

I’ve become a huge fan of Airbnb Experiences, because it allows you to find specific local activities that would be impossible to enjoy otherwise. From walking tours to cooking classes, there are dozens of activities to explore in major cities around the world. Unbeknownst to me until recently, you can also find a local photographer to customize a travel photo shoot for you while you’re abroad. If a city is popular enough to have a lot of Airbnb Experiences, photographers and photo shoots will usually be listed under the Art and Culture category.

The ease of browsing photographers, reviews, and portfolios takes the stress out of what would be an annoying task of finding a suitable photographer online. You don’t have to email back and forth about price or time. Travel photo shoots are scheduled and paid for automatically according to the photographer’s schedule, which is posted on Airbnb. Best of all, you can get a photographer for a quarter of the price you’d spend if you limited yourself to professionals with their own website.

You don’t have to leave your hometown to take advantage of these affordable travel photo shoots either. You can schedule a session lasting anywhere from one to several hours for less than $100 to celebrate an engagement, a baby announcement, or to get pictures you and your pet at some of the most Instagrammable locations in your own city. If your budget allows, there are some photographers that will shoot you for a couple hundred dollars. Their work is available for you to browse and decide which is right for you. Think outside the photo studio.

Need some inspiration?

prague photo shoot
Check out this photographer in Prague.
london photo shoot
Or this one in London.
travel photo shoot
Or Tokyo.
LA photo shoot
Or LA.
iceland photo shoot
Even the countryside in Iceland.


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