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Getting weed in Tel Aviv

Continuing the trend of sharing local drug tips for places I’ve never actually gotten high, I bring you everything you need to know about getting weed in Tel Aviv. It’s surprisingly easy to buy and widely available – you just need to download the Telegram app. I’m surprised this system hasn’t caught on elsewhere.

Is marijuana legal in Israel?

Marijuana use for recreational purposes is still illegal in Israel, though its medical use is allowed. The good news for recreational uses is that you can’t be arrested for it. If you have no criminal record, getting caught smoking or in possession of marijuana won’t lead to an arrest. However, you may face a 1,000 shekel fine. However, Israeli police is not exactly gunning for marijuana users. Unless you’re blatantly blazing in public, there’s a very slim chance you would ever have an issue. If you’re worried, just keep your use limited to your accommodation, and you should be okay.

How to get weed in Tel Aviv

A couple of years ago, some entrepreneurial drug pushers created Telegrass, a cyber-drug dealing network operating using the messaging app Telegram. While Israel is fairly lenient with drug users, including those using Telegrass, it cracked down pretty hard on the creators of the program. In March 2019, 42 of the people behind Telegrass were arrested for managing a criminal organization online. However, the idea behind Telegrass has lived on in many Telegram chat groups, connecting users to drug dealers not only in Tel Aviv, but all over Israel.

To join the groups, you have to download the Telegram app, which is functionally exactly like WhatsApp. The links below will take you to some of the most active groups where you can get weed in Tel Aviv. Accessing the links directly from your mobile phone will open the group in the app.

Weed4You (28,000 members)
Underground (4,000 members)
Netanyabis (6,000 members)
TLC – TeleCannVbot (1,600 members)
Official Civonim (3,000 members)

In order to join the groups, you have to submit an ID card and one-time verification. This is meant to prevent authorities from infiltrating the groups. If you want to get high, you’ll have to be okay with this requirement. You can always browse the groups before requesting to join and decide if it’s worth your while. Some dealers post their contact information so you may be able to connect with a dealer directly without having to join.

You’ll notice that many of the groups are all in Hebrew, but don’t be deterred. Plenty of expats and tourists make use of the service, so if you scroll, you’ll notice some messages in English. You can also use Google Translate to translate some of the posts or translate your request. If you know Hebrew or have a friend who does, you can also easily search for the type of marijuana, amount, and price. Dealers will also conveniently deliver to your location. Delivery can be prearranged, and may be included in the price of the drugs or cost a small fee, to be agreed upon before you buy.

In sum, buying weed in Tel Aviv is not unlike ordering UberEats, and almost as legal.

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