Getting weed in Prague

weed in prague

Despite everything you may assume about me, I don’t need drugs to be this crazy. And I haven’t actually touched weed since that unfortunate incident with the legal marijuana of Colorado. But as it happens, I know an easy way to get good weed in Prague.

I had only been here about a week back in June when I realized a good friend of mine was visiting Prague. I met up with him and his fellow travelers and took them around to all the most beautiful parts of the city. After a half a day of sightseeing, we went in search of another kind of sightseeing. One of them was a regular pot smoker and through a friend’s recommendation, we ended up at a bar in search of marijuana for him.

First, the legal fine print

Let me back up here and explain the law regarding marijuana use in Prague. The Czech Republic is fairly liberal. Even though marijuana is not legal, most people are not going to see serious consequences from having it on them or smoking it in public. You could have up to 15 grams on you, and you’d probably only get fined. This doesn’t mean you should be hanging out in Old Town Square smoking weed. In fact, most people don’t, so you might stick out like a stoned thumb.

But realistically speaking, cops are not trying to sniff out the nearest marijuana user to throw them in the clink. You’re much more likely to get fined for fare-jumping on the Metro.

“I’d like a beer and an ounce please.”

Say fuck it

One of my most cherished memories of Prague will always be walking into Shotgun bar one afternoon in search of weed. It was still light out, but the people inside the bar wouldn’t know it. Once you go downstairs, it’s nighttime all day long. There were only one or two people in there, including a guy at the bar chatting with the bartender, and two Russian mafia-looking dudes sitting at what looked like a poker table in a dark corner of the room. But my favorite thing of all is that “Futurama” dubbed in Czech was playing on every TV in the place.

My zealous and brave friend quietly asked the bartender if he could buy some weed. She responded curtly, “This is a bar. Do you want a drink?” At that point, the friendly gentleman sitting at the bar told us to get a beer and gave us a nod to sit down. So we obliged and ordered 3 foamy Pilsners and sat at a booth right across from the bar.

We drank our beers and looked around to see if we could figure out at what point the weed went on sale. Not surprisingly, the dudes shrouded in darkness and cigar smoke at the end of the bar were the ones with the goods. We noticed a couple of people walk in, get a drink at the bar (one guy just got a canned soda), and then approach the men in the back before ducking out the door.

Eventually, our brave marijuana smoker got up and went to talk to them. We sat back and watched, hoping we weren’t about to see our friend get murdered by these huge tatted Russians while Futurama played in the background.

But after a few minutes, he came back to the booth having successfully procured weed. Apparently, he had a lot of questions that the guys were not willing to answer. So FYI if you’re a connoisseur of sorts, they’re not interested in explaining whether it’s indica or sativa. Don’t ask. All they’ll do is quote you a price, which I’m sure varies depending on how they feel about you. And you either accept it or leave.

I don’t know how much weed is supposed to cost, because I’ve never bought it. But you’ll probably get a gram for 400-500 czk which is around $15-20 if you go a bar like Shotgun. Other bars rumored to allow and sell weed include Cross Club, Abstrakt, and Kenny’s Island. Apparently, the prices at these bars is hiked up pretty severely; it’s almost double what you’ll pay if you know someone. But if you’re in one of those places, you probably don’t.

And how was the weed?

Suffice it to say, I haven’t seen someone that high since I was in college. And his review was a very enthusiastic “DANK!”