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Gift ideas for the traveler in your life

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, shopping for people can be a bit of a drag. But if you’re shopping for someone who loves to travel, I’ve got you covered. From stocking stuffers to big, bad ass presents, here is a complete guide to gifts for the traveler in your life.

Small necessities

These are all the things that travelers need that they may not buy for themselves.

  • A neck pillow. There is nothing more useful to a frequent traveler than a comfortable pillow that will help them sleep on planes, trains, and automobiles. Though there are many different varieties, I suggest one that you can clip on to a bag. A neck pillow that needs to be carried is not a gift; it’s an inconvenience.
  • An eye mask. Keeping with the theme of sleeping while traveling, an eye mask is an invaluable tool to help you do that. They come in many styles and materials so you can tailor your gift to suit the traveler in your life. Maybe simple black or maybe Holly Golightly teal?
  • Power adapters. This is a great and useful gift, especially if you opt for a set of international plug adapters that can be used on any destination for years to come.

Travel Accessories

  • Luggage Tag. A luggage tag is a fun gift because it can be personalized. Pick their favorite movie or cartoon and buy them a luggage tag that is useful and that they’ll geek out over.
  • Travel Notebook. This might be a good idea for someone who blogs or keeps a travel journal. A high-quality notebook is something they would adore and may not buy themselves. So give them a reason to jot down all their travel reflections while they’re away in their new leather-bound notebook.
  • Travel Books. Even the most seasoned travelers need some good tips every once in a while. That’s why travel books make a really excellent gift. Perhaps you can get them a guide book to an upcoming travel destination. The best travel book ever given to me was a compilation of weekend trip ideas in the US. It came in handy more than once when I was looking for a short getaway.

Big Necessities

  • Luggage. All travelers need a good set of luggage. If you’re looking to give a travel-lover something they’ll really use, give them a new roller board or the perfect carry-on. Pro-tip: luggage is like clothing. Don’t buy it for someone unless you really know their travel style and aesthetic.
  • A camera. One of the most fun parts about travel is documenting it. Depending on your budget, this could be a small digital camera or a big DSLR. Camera accessories, like a new lens or a travel case, are also a great bet.
  • An e-reader. If you know a traveler that is also a bookworm, an e-reader is an ideal gift. No one wants to take up room and add weight to their luggage to take a bunch of books on their vacation. With an e-reader, they can keep enough reading material for the whole trip without compromising space.
  • Airline miles. Many people don’t realize this, but you can gift the airline miles you accrue with airlines. Airline miles are awesome gifts because they can be redeemed for anything that a wandering heart desires.

Memorable Experiences

Ok, so you’ve read 50 of these articles and seen the same ideas in every single one. And unfortunately, your person already has the power adapter and the luggage set, complete with matching tags. So what can you do?

  • Take them on a trip. Of course, if you can afford it, the best gift for a traveler is a getaway somewhere, big or small. It helps to make sure that their time off work will not be a problem. Though this seems like an extravagant gift, dirt cheap flight specials make this a feasible option for really special occasions. So send your retired parents on a cruise or take your spouse skiing. It’ll be one of the most memorable gifts they’ll ever get.
  • Find something that will make home feel foreign. Travelers are people who love to experience new things and do things that are out of the ordinary. But chances are they haven’t taken advantage of all the wonderful attractions their own city has to offer. So take them on a day trip to a nearby national park. Or pay for them to do something fun and exhilarating like going parasailing or flying a plane. It doesn’t even have to be that elaborate; it could be as simple as dinner at a new concept restaurant in town. Trust me, we’ll adore you for it.





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