reasons to visit slovenia

Great reasons to visit Slovenia

Slovenia is one of those European countries that gets passed over by most people traveling in Europe. Sandwiched between the ever-popular Italy, beachy Croatia, and historical Austria, Slovenia doesn’t get nearly the amount of tourism. Nonetheless, the country has a lot of incredible cities, natural wonders, and good food and drink to make for an excellent destination. These are some of the great reasons to visit Slovenia.

Slovenia’s food is incredible

Slovenia is geographically situated in a place that makes for a spectacular culinary journey. Though Italy is more renowned for its wine and truffles, Slovenia shares much of its geographical qualities, so the wine is just as good, and truffles are just as abundant. You can even go truffle hunting in the Istrian peninsula. The country also boasts three distinct wine regions that are all easy to visit on the same trip because the country is so small. My favorite Slovenian product is honey – I can’t seem to find better honey anywhere in Europe.

reasons to visit slovenia

Gastronomically, you’ll also find an interesting blend of cuisines, with a lot of pastas and pizzas owing to its proximity to Italy, and a lot of Balkan and Central European staples like dumplings, sausage, and schnitzel. Slovenia also has fresh seafood given its incredible Alpine lakes and rivers. Like its Balkan neighbors, Slovenia is a huge producer of high-quality cheese including goat and sheep cheeses. So one of the best reasons to visit Slovenia is that you’ll be sure to eat well throughout your trip.

Slovenia has stunning natural sights

visit slovenia

You may have never heard of the Julian Alps, but the mountain range which stretches from Italy to Slovenia, make the country a treasure trove of natural features. From crystal clear alpine lakes to waterfalls and gorges, you could spend days exploring the country’s one national park, Triglav, and not see everything. You can head to Kranjska Gora for mountain views or Lake Bohinj for peaceful lakeside hikes or Postojna Cave to explore one of the largest cave systems in the country.

It’s less crowded than other countries

why visit slovenia

One of my favorite things about Slovenia is that being a place that is somewhat less traveled, it’s a lot more peaceful to visit. Let’s face it, even the most beautiful places on earth are completely ruined by overcrowding and overtourism. Even one of its most touristy locales, Lake Bled, only sees an average of 500,000 visitors a year, and annual visitors still haven’t caught up to pre-pandemic levels. Compare that to Lake Como which sees an average of 1.4 million visitors or Lake Hallstatt (a town of 800 people by the way), which sees 1 million visitors a year. You can imagine how much more pleasant it is to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Slovenian people are friendly and kind

Perhaps related to the previous point, Slovenians are incredibly welcoming and kind. They’re hospitable and go above and beyond to make your visit enjoyable. When our clothes got soaked and muddy visiting Vintgar Gorge, the owner of the villa where we stayed offered to do our laundry. When we needed a last-minute car rental or taxi transfer, the locals would go out of their way to ensure that we were promptly taken care of, and still went the extra mile by offering us an umbrella to giving us local recommendations. They seem invested in ensuring that you fall in love with their country.

Slovenia is really LGBT… and especially lesbian-friendly

reasons to visit slovenia

Slovenia legalized gay marriage in 2022, so it’s not just a place where homosexuality is tolerated from tourists; it’s accepting in general and openly gay-friendly. When we talk about LGBT-friendly places, we often refer to places that cater to gay men. So cities with a lot of gay nightlife are usually what we consider gay-friendly. But women who love women want to go on pretty hikes with their dog and get to bed by 10 pm, which is why Bled and the Triglav region see so much lesbian tourism.

This is something that was immediately evident when we first visited Bled in 2019, and it was even more evident upon our latest visit in 2024. There are lesbian couples everywhere! We even saw two single lesbians meet and exchange numbers at Savica Waterfall. I don’t know what it is that attracts so many lesbian women to Slovenia, but the locals must be used to it because not once were we asked if we were sisters or best friends; we were just treated as a couple.

Slovenia is more affordable than its European neighbors

Inflation has hit everywhere pretty hard, and Slovenia is no different. But even taking into account higher accommodation and dining prices, Slovenia is still cheaper than visiting Italy, Austria, or Germany, especially if you go a little bit off-the-beaten path. If your budget is slightly higher, hotel prices in major tourist hubs like Ljubljana and Bled cap off where hotel prices start in cities like Paris or Milan. Which means you can stay at a 4- or 5-star hotel for less than €150 a night.

Ljubljana is super cool

reasons to visit slovenia

Slovenia’s capital city lies along the Ljubljanica River, and it’s an extraordinarily green and car-free haven for pedestrians and cyclists. Ljubljana showcases a mix of medieval, Art Nouveau, and Baroque architecture which makes it a beautiful place to simply exist in. It has everything from chic sidewalk cafes to local craft markets and since it has such a young population of students, it also has a bustling arts and culture scene. Areas like Metelkova have repurposed military headquarters into a colorful cultural commune.

It’s extremely dog-friendly

If you’re looking for a country to visit with your furry friends, look no further. Slovenia is just as welcoming of pets as they are of visitors. Though it may be hard to get around the country by bus with your dog, their trains are dog-friendly and many taxi and car rental companies are, too. You won’t have any trouble finding dog-friendly accommodations, and you’ll never be turned away from dinner because you have a dog with you. In fact, they’ll probably just offer him a bowl of water.

These are just some of the great reasons to visit Slovenia; sound off on some of your own!


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