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How to organise a Stag and Hen do Trip

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The happy couple is about to get married but before they do, you need to organise a stag and hen do trip. There is usually a lot to plan so you might not want to do it on your own. Not only will you have to organise all the fun and stag group accommodation but you’ll have to organise who’s attending.

The good news is this article can help you to organise a stag and hen do trip so you’re not left with everything to do:

Start Planning Now

The sooner you start planning, the better. It doesn’t matter how far away the wedding is, you need to get your plans into order. Work out who is attending each of the “do’s” and consider where you’re going to stay. There are some great venues such as that are ideal for stag and hen do’s. However, you will have to book them as soon as you can as they can be snapped up.

Come up With a Budget

One thing that you must do is come up with a budget. Let’s imagine you’re going to party in Prague. For this trip, you’ll need to organise how you’re going to pay for the flights and your accommodation. Don’t be afraid to agree to a budget with everyone. One person’s budget could be more than another person’s. Talking about it between you all can help you to work out what is affordable for everyone.

Remember, you’ll also need to come up with a budget for all those trips to the bars and interesting places to visit. You can find some ideas online.

Get Help with Organising

Let’s imagine that it’s up to you to organise the flights and the accommodation. This might be hard enough as it is so you’ll need to get some help to organise everything else. Let one or two other people help you with the stag or hen do. Agree as to what jobs they’ll need to do so the load is lightened.

A good way to get help with organising things is to give everyone a job to do. Delegating the tasks is a great way to ensure no-one has too much to do.

Tell Everyone What They’ll Need to Bring

It’s important that you let people know what they need to bring. If you plan to visit another country you’ll need to find out what the weather’s going to be like. This will ensure everyone is much more likely to pack the clothes they’ll need. They’ll also bring their swimming costumes should they need them and some outfits that they can go partying in.

Organising a stag and hen do trip does not have to be arduous. With a little bit of help and planning ahead there’s a really good chance you get everything sorted out before the trip. Delegate some of the tasks and work out where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to do. After a little bit of work, you could be heading off somewhere special to enjoy a stag or hen do trip to remember.



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