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Is Zagreb dog-friendly?

Croatia is generally quite a dog-friendly country, so its capital city of Zagreb is an easy place to visit if you have a dog. You’ll find a lot to do outdoors and plenty of dog-friendly restaurants to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the coolest things the city has to offer on account of your dog.

Things to do in Zagreb with your dog

Sightseeing in Zagreb

Zagreb’s is divided into Upper and Lower Town, which is appropriately named not only because of where they lie on the map but because Upper Town sits up on a hill above the rest of Zagreb. Upper Town is the older medieval quarter of the city which includes some of the oldest buildings and is generally more quiet than Lower Town, where the majority of the city’s liveliest restaurants and bars are located.

Upper Town

dog-friendly zagreb

You can walk up to Upper Town to see some of the most interesting sites in the area including St. Mark’s Church and the Stone Gate (Kamenita vrata), where people come to pray. Though dogs are not allowed in the religious buildings such as Zagreb Cathedral or St. Mark’s Church, neither are you! St. Mark’s Church stands a tourist symbol because of its iconic tiled roof, but it’s only open to the public for mass and not for tourism. Zagreb Cathedral is also closed for renovation, so it’s only visible from the outside and even the spires are currently covered in scaffolding.

Another great spot to check out with your dog in Upper Town is Tkalčića Street, where you’ll find plenty of places to eat, have a drink, and shop at local boutiques or buy souvenirs. The busy pedestrian street meanders down toward Lower Town.

The funicular to Upper Town

If you don’t want to make the hike up to Upper Town, you and your pup can ride the Zagreb Funicular, which is the shortest in the world at only 66 meters. It takes about a minute, but on a hot day, may be a welcome respite from the sweaty uphill walk. Dogs are allowed on the funicular as long as they’re leashed and wearing a muzzle. Just a few steps from the upper station of the funicular, you’ll find Lotrščak Tower, which fires a canon daily at noon. So if you have a fearful dog, that might be a good time to avoid that area.

Lower Town

is zagreb dog-friendly

Lower Town can be kind of chaotic. At its center, Ban Josip Jelačić Square can get busy and crowded, especially during festivals or other special events like football matches, which are broadcast for the public on a large screen. In Lower Town, you’ll find plenty of busy restaurants, which are largely dog-friendly, and a nice variety of parks like the large city park Trg Kralja Tomislava. Ample and green in the summer, it’s also a big draw in the winter when Christmas markets and a large ice rink are installed for the season.

Outside city center but accessible by public transport, you can also take your dog to the sprawling Bundek Park, which has a small lake where people swim and sunbathe. There are plenty of walking trails through the park. And in the summer, the Pop Up by Lake Bundek opens with live music, and drink and food stalls. Park Maksimir is another large forest park outside city center where you’ll find shaded trails to escape the violent Croatian summer sun. The park has several lakes and even its own zoo, though that is not dog-friendly.

Getting around Zagreb with a dog

is zagreb dog-friendly

Dogs are allowed on Zagreb transportation provided they are inside a transportation carrier or leashed and muzzled if they’re too big for a carrier. You are required to board the tram or bus by the front door, closest to the driver, and remain at the front of the vehicle. This is presumably so the driver can kick you out if your dog starts to misbehave or endanger other passengers.

Dog-friendly restaurants in Zagreb

dog-friendly zagreb

Much of Zagreb’s dining scene includes vast and busy sidewalk seating where you can enjoy the warm weather, people watch, and sip cold drinks. This means that your dog is almost always welcome to sit with you wherever you go out to eat. But both my dog and I enjoy good dining. So here’s a list of some of the best places to eat with a dog in Zagreb:

OUT Garden

Otto & Frank

Cheese Bar

Figa Garden by Henrik

Bonita Caffe & Sandwich Bar

Rougemarin City

Melt Gelato & Brunch

La Štruk


Craft Room

Oliver Twist

Street Food – The Passage

Caffe bar & Night Club Spunk

Lemon Market

Route 66 Zagreb

Boogie Lab Zagreb

Kavkaz kazališna kavana

Market street food & drinks


Mali Medo



Verde brunch & caffe


Plac Kitchen & Grill

Meet Mia

Nico’s Bar

SquareOne Experience Bar & Restaurant

As you can see, Zagreb is a dog-friendly city where both you and your dog will feel welcome to enjoy the city’s cool vibe.


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