Could I Live Here? Copenhagen Edition

I’ve had a weird interest in Copenhagen for at least a decade. When I finally went for the first time, it was even better than I had built it up to be in my head. And the second time around has been just as magical.


Copenhagen is where happiness is made. Even though the weather is dreary and cold right now, it’s impossible not to feel the city’s radiating warmth even through the 13 layers you’re wearing. While walking around the grounds of Rosenborg Castle, my friend noted that the grass is actually greener here. There is something about those brightly painted buildings that I absolutely love. The city is full of amazing places to eat, drink, and have coffee and pastries that are also lovely bookstores. It has a vibrant music scene full of local jazz and great visiting acts. And despite everything I’ve seen and heard about Europeans not caring about Halloween, Copenhagen is absolutely in the Halloween spirit which is adorable and exciting, since it’s my favorite holiday.




We were walking up the narrow steps of the Round Tower, when I spotted a sign that said Beware of Pickpockets. I imagine that they only put that sign up because a handsy Frenchman accidentally bumped into a German tourist there in 2006. We’re staying in the Red Light District (which is fitting, since we’re a lewd mess) and this is still 120% safer than the nicest neighborhoods in Paris or Miami. I don’t actually believe crime exists here.


It is one of my lofty goals in life to live here one day. And from my research, rent could be worse. I could get a studio or one bedroom for $600-700. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for consumer goods. Copenhagen is rough when some married guy isn’t paying for your $200 dinners (as he complains about how much his wife spends on clothes lol). I can’t believe how expensive it is to simply feed yourself in this city. Just a burger is $16-20. Drinks are a minimum of $15. Even a beer is like $10. Anything that isn’t a street hot dog costs more than I earn in a day. So if I’m ever going to move here, I need to get a real job instead of writing which only pays in texts telling me that my blog has been awesome lately.



After a month and a half of eating Czech garbage, I suspect I may have died on the way over here and somehow made it into heaven. Because despite how expensive it is, the food is amazing. All of it. Even the street hot dogs. Especially the street hot dogs. There are no bad meals here. Only the tenderest meats, the most flavorful inventive dishes, and the most decadent desserts. Everything I’ve had over the past couple of days, I’ll be craving for the next 6 years. Especially the pulled pork Eggs Benedict with the Mezcal breakfast cocktail. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.


Hazy Copenhagen

This hasn’t been a strong consideration in any of my Could I Live Here? posts because I’ve mostly traveled during the enjoyable summer months. Make no mistake, Copenhagen is miserable right now and it’s only October. I don’t have enough skin or clothes to be warm or dry outside. And on top of the fact that it’s rainy and freezing, it’s also windy as hell. But you know what? I can live with this, as long as I mentally prepare myself not to leave my cozy apartment for 4 months of the year. I would probably just spend the entire time painting happy trees like Bob Ross or “The Danish Girl.” And I’d be happy as a clam, because sadness doesn’t exist in Denmark.

Total Livability Score: 11/10

Copenhagen broke the scale. Even Chicago, my one true love, cannot compare to how awesome it would be to live here. There’s like a 75% chance I won’t even return to Prague.



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