Papirøen: The coolest thing in Copenhagen you’re not doing

Update 10/23/18: It’s been brought to my attention that the street food court at Papirøen is no longer. Instead, the team behind the project has moved to a much larger space on Refshalevej, where you’ll find Reffe, the city’s new home to food vendors and creative entrepeneurs. 

While Yelping a good place to have dinner, we stumbled on Copenhagen Street Food. Originally, I skipped it over because it was categorized as a food truck. But my friend pointed out that it was actually an entire complex of food stalls. Since we’re traveling as a group of five, we figured this was a good option so no one would have to compromise on what kind of food to eat.

It ended up being so much better than anything we could have imagined. One of my favorite things is re-purposed spaces like the High Line in New York, the ruin pubs of Budapest, or the Zurich thermal baths that are in an old brewery. Copenhagen Street Food is housed inside an old paper mill.


Papirøen, or Paper Island, is accessible by foot or on a bike via a bridge that extends out past the end of the Nyhavn waterfront. Adjacent to Copenhagen Street Food, you’ll find Copenhagen Contemporary, a giant contemporary art gallery that opened in 2015. You can sandwich the exhibit between lunch and dinner at Copenhagen Street Food.

Copenhagen Contemporary

Inside, you’ll be able to find almost anything you could ever crave, from sushi to Moroccan. Each stall is nicely decorated and there are long tables throughout the complex for eating. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag a seat next to the brick fireplace in the back. The space is beautifully decorated to highlight each of the stalls, making the space come alive. It’s like a wonderful indoor food market that is decorated by contemporary artists and is run by world-class chefs.

Copenhagen Street Food

We had a variety of different dishes, including sushi, Korean BBQ, and a pulled duck burger. We rounded off our dinner with a couple of slices of cheesecake. But because there are also creative bars in the complex, we hung around until they closed enjoying craft gin cocktails.

Not only is it a great relaxed atmosphere to get an awesome meal, Papirøen is a great place to get your culture on and check out the view of the Royal Playhouse and the rest of the city on the other side of the harbor.

Copenhagen Harbor

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