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Staying in Tokyo’s Godzilla hotel

Japan is the land of over-the-top awesomeness. So when I was planning my trip there, I wanted to make sure I was as ridiculous as possible. At the time, the Godzilla hotel had just opened, which put it at the top of my list of places to stay.

The hotel is called Hotel Gracery Shinjuku but you’ll know it by the larger than life-sized Godzilla statue that towers outside the building. It faces Kabuki Central Road, a popular walking street in Shinjuku. So even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you should and probably will run into the monster while you’re sightseeing.

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You can also go up to the lobby of the hotel, which is up on the 8th floor of the building, to see Godzilla in person.

The building

Since the hotel is in the center of one of Tokyo’s most popular districts, it actually has quite a few other amenities right downstairs. There is a TOHO movie theater, playing all your favorite new releases in 4D. This allows you to feel sensations such as smells, movement, wind, and vibrations as part of the film-viewing experience. There are also about 6 restaurants offering traditional Japanese fare among other options like Italian. The food is not your typical “hotel restaurant” food. So you never have to go very far to have a very good meal. There is also a 7/11 so you can grab emergency provisions (i.e. candy) at any time of day.

The hotel

Since the hotel is brand new, opening in the spring of 2015, it’s equipped with the most up-to-date high tech comforts. The toilet combines technological and chemical advancements that actually revolutionize using the bathroom. I spoke about it at length in another post, but suffice it to say, you will miss these toilets. The bathtub is equally impressive, boasting a depth that makes a bath much more comfortable and luxurious than our US bathtubs. Each room is equipped with a TV and a view of the surrounding area, which you can block out with blackout curtains.

The Godzilla rooms


Some rooms boast an even better view: Godzilla himself staring right into your high-tech hideaway. This is one of the two types of special Godzilla rooms. The other is the Godzilla concept room which are are decorated with Godzilla-related trimmings like giant reptile footsteps on the walls. So how do you get into one of those rooms and how much does it cost?

Though I didn’t personally get to experience it, I did the research. The rooms must be booked through a portal on the hotel’s website that is in Japanese only. So while you can book a regular room through regular third party websites or even their English website, you might need a little translation help to get into a Godzilla room. As you can imagine, demand is high for these rooms and there are a limited number available. So booking far in advance is necessary to get the experience.

But it’s going to cost you. Like most specialty hotels in the world, the novelty comes with a higher price tag. The Godzilla view room ranges in price from $159-175 a night and the capacity is for only one person. This actually isn’t so bad considering the regular rooms are around $100 a night. However, the Godzilla concept room ranges in price from $420-500 a night. It boasts a movie-like environment complete with black light effects and a trick wall. Plus a bunch of Godzilla goodies.

Sadly, I had already booked a regular room before I figured out how to reserve the Godzilla room. But next time I’m in Tokyo, I would certainly consider returning so I can stare out at the giant creature. It’s one of the best hotels I’ve ever visited and in one of the most convenient and entertaining locations in Tokyo.

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