traveling to strasbourg with dog

Is Strasbourg dog-friendly?

If you’re wondering whether you can comfortably take your dog on vacation with you to Strasbourg, wonder no more. Strasbourg is a wonderfully dog-friendly city to visit in the Alsace region of France.

Getting to Strasbourg with a dog

If you’re visiting France, you can reach Strasbourg conveniently by train with your dog from many nearby cities. Dogs are allowed on all French trains. Small dogs can be taken in an enclosed travel bag for a small fee. If they’re too big for a bag, they must be leashed and wear a muzzle. Bigger dogs are also more expensive, because they have to pay half the cost of the full fare. The exception is guide dogs who travel for free. The main train station is conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Visiting Strasbourg with a dog

dog-friendly strasbourg

Strasbourg is a quaint town with beautiful, picturesque alleys and a lot of little canals where you can see the city’s iconic half-timbered houses. You should be aware that the streets can get really crowded, especially in Petite-France, which may be overwhelming for your dog. However, we found that one of the best things about bringing our dog along was that we were able to enjoy the city on his morning walk when the city is still empty.

Even if you’re seeing Strasbourg in the middle of the day (for example, if you’re visiting on a day trip), you can still find quiet peaceful space along the waterways or at the city’s parks where your dog can run around, and you can get away from the hordes of people.

dog-friendly strasbourg

Dining out is also especially simple with a dog in Strasbourg. If you’re visiting when it’s warm, most restaurants offer sidewalk seating or have terraces where you and your dog can dine outside. But we found that cafes and restaurants are more than welcoming of dogs indoors as well. In fact, we preferred it as the sidewalk seating is very cramped and we’re more likely to be disturbed by other passing dogs.

traveling to strasbourg with dog

What you can’t do in Strasbourg with a dog

As you can imagine, if you plan to visit any museums in Strasbourg, like the Alsatian Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts, dogs are not allowed anywhere inside. This is also true if you’d like to stop inside the Notre-Dame of Strasbourg or the European Parliament building, both of which are free to enter. If your dog is amenable to it (and your hotel allows it), you can leave your dog behind at your accommodation so you can enjoy these activities.

Getting around Strasbourg with a dog

strasbourg dog-friendly

The historic center of Strasbourg, where you’ll likely spend most of your time as a tourist, is very small and easy to walk. It seems like almost everything is 10-15 minutes away on foot. However, you may find yourself needing to take a local bus or tram. With the exception of dogs classified as dangerous breeds, your dog can travel on all Strasbourg public transportation, as long as they’re leashed and muzzled or in a basket or travel carrier.

Dog-friendly activities in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is surrounded by the river Ill and several of its channels like the Canal du Faux-Rampart. One of the best things to do with your dog is to relax along one of the waterways where there are likely to be less people. One such popular area is the park Square Louse-Weiss, which is adjacent to a canal. This is a popular activity with locals who BBQ in the square or bring bottles of wine and snacks to sit on the banks of the Ill.

strasbourg dog-friendly

If you’re looking for more ample green spaces, you’ll have to leave the center of town. Strasbourg’s largest park, Parc de l’Orangerie can provide a nice peaceful escape from the crowded tourist hotspots and give your dog more enticing surroundings to enjoy the city. As the name suggests, the park was originally created in the 18th century for the planting of orange trees. The park has a promenade, a boating lake, and at its center, the Josephine Pavilion, where you’ll find some exhibits and events. The park is accessible by tram or bus from city center.

dog-friendly strasbourg

Another notable dog-friendly city park in Strasbourg is Parc de la Citadelle, which is of course built on a former citadel. With the former fortified structure and accompanying moats, this park is also historically interesting to visit in addition to being large and very green. Both Parc de l’Orangerie and Parc de la Citadelle have enclosed dog parks where you can unleash your dog.

Just a little farther (30 minutes by tram), you can visit the Jardin des Deux Rives, which is adjacent to the Rhine River and has a pedestrian bridge that connects France to Germany called Europe Bridge. There are plenty of ducks for your dog to chase and benches for you to sit on and watch. If you did decide to cross the bridge, you would end up in Kehl, Germany.

Where to eat with your dog in Strasbourg

dog-friendly strasbourg

Strasbourg has many cafes and restaurants where your dog will not only be tolerated but doted on by welcoming servers. As a general rule, if there’s an outdoor area, you can pretty much assume that your dog will be allowed. But here are some restaurants you can count on to be dog-friendly in Strasbourg:

Hey Mama


Café Bretelles

Le Meteor

The Drunky Stork Social Club

Elsass Food by Moritz

Chez l’Oncle Freddy


La Grande Dame

Aux Armes de Strasbourg

La Bedaine

Lady Sushi

A Cantina Comptoir Corse


Le Tire-Bouchon

La Vie



All in all, Strasbourg can be a nice getaway for both you and your dog.

traveling to strasbourg with dog


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