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  • What home feels like

    What home feels like

    As much as I love to hate on Miami, there’s no doubt that it’s home. Whether I’m gone for a couple of months or a couple of years, whenever I come back, I remember all the little things that make it home. Home feels like a cafe con leche and tostada in the morning. It’s…

  • Could I Live Here? Split Edition

    Could I Live Here? Split Edition

    If the romantic winding streets of Venice and the beaches of Mykonos had a baby and it somehow came out more attractive than both of them, it would be Split. The center of the city is an actual marble palace, which has been repurposed for modern shopping and dining. What more can a girl and…

  • 10 things to expect in Miami Beach

    10 things to expect in Miami Beach

    Don’t be fooled by its portrayal in movies and TV. Miami Beach isn’t all glamorous. Let me help you adjust your expectations by giving you some #realtalk about what you can expect when you visit. It’s incredibly dirty. The streets of Miami Beach haven’t been cleaned this week. They probably haven’t even been cleaned in…