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  • Things to do in Brighton

    Things to do in Brighton

    Brighton has a laid-back feel, but there’s nothing boring about it. If you’re visiting for a couple of days, here are some ideas for things to do in Brighton.

  • Could I Live Here? Brighton Edition

    Could I Live Here? Brighton Edition

    Brighton is a charming seaside town on the UK’s southern coast. Conveniently located just 30 minutes away from London Gatwick Airport, it has all the great things about London without any of the bad. Well… except the weather.

  • Unpopular opinion: London sucks

    Unpopular opinion: London sucks

    London is one of the first cities people visit in continental Europe, but England’s capital is not all it’s cracked up to be. Visiting London can be expensive, and the chaos in the streets makes it more of an unpleasant hassle than its reputation suggests. Simply put, London sucks. Here are just a few of…

  • Traveling to the UK during Covid

    Traveling to the UK during Covid

    When planning travel, it’s become increasingly simple to find guidelines and rules posted on official government websites and spelled out in blogs and news articles. However, the reality of what it looks like to travel can be sort of lost in the shuffle. Most people are reporting general information with few reporting personal experiences. So…

  • Travel rewind: My first time traveling abroad

    Travel rewind: My first time traveling abroad

    Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Before I became an internet authority on travel, I got my traveling start on a two-week trip around Europe. I had just graduated from grad school and in lieu of attending my own graduation, my best friend Lauren and I valiantly set off on a European adventure. Looking back on it…

  • Day trips from London

    Day trips from London

    Though I can’t imagine why you’d be in any hurry to leave London, there’s a lot to do outside the city in places where you might not otherwise want to spend the night. If you’re using the city as a home base, there are several interesting half-day and full-day trips from London that are worth…