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  • Getting by on the cheap in Barcelona

    Getting by on the cheap in Barcelona

    I lost my job exactly one week before a scheduled┬átrip to Barcelona so it was imperative that I spend as little as possible on that vacation. Of course, another option would have been to cancel the trip, but I don’t like to do things I know I’ll regret. The good news is that Spain is…

  • Using the trains in Japan

    Using the trains in Japan

    There are few things more impressive in Japan than the efficiency of their transportation systems. I’ll admit, when planning the trip, this was one of the most nerve-wracking things for me. Typically, I book my transportation and accommodations prior to arriving in a new country. It gives me the peace of mind that I won’t…

  • First impressions of Japan

    First impressions of Japan

    After over 22┬áhours of flights, connections, and delays, getting dropped into the center of Tokyo is quite the experience. Regardless of your departure city, chances are that when you arrive in Japan, you’ll be somewhere cleaner and more efficient than you came from. As we headed out of Narita Airport on the Narita Express into…