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  • How traveling makes you live longer

    How traveling makes you live longer

    I’m quickly approaching my 31st birthday, which is depressing, though not nearly as much as 30 was. But there’s nothing I can do about aging. I have gray hairs, and I get heartburn if I eat the wrong thing. I also can’t do anything to prevent death; that’s inevitable. But I can do the next…

  • What 2016 taught me

    What 2016 taught me

    A year ago today, I was working as an expensive assistant to two huge assholes. I’m used to working for assholes, because being an asshole is a prerequisite to owning your own business. But over time, my patience for putting up with people like that has dwindled to around none. So sometime in January, I…

  • Do the uncomfortable thing

    Do the uncomfortable thing

    A couple of years ago, a friend took me parasailing. I don’t know how to swim and I don’t particularly care for heights, so I was terrified. It didn’t help that I didn’t feel secure in the harness when we blasted off into the sky from the back of the boat on Biscayne Bay. I…