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  • Things to do in Lisbon

    Things to do in Lisbon

    Though much of Lisbon feels like a generic European city, there are some nice sites and experiences that set it apart from other cities in Portugal. If you’re visiting for a few days, these are the things to do in Lisbon that you probably don’t want to miss. Jeronimos Monastery Judging by the hours’ long…

  • Could I Live Here? Lisbon Edition

    Could I Live Here? Lisbon Edition

    Lisbon is like the San Francisco of Europe, and while I don’t hate it nearly as much as I do San Francisco, it doesn’t really speak to me as a place to live. For starters, it doesn’t have enough of a unique charm, and it’s way too busy. And that’s just the tip of the…

  • Lisbon travel tips

    Lisbon travel tips

    Portugal’s vibrant and exhausting capital has a lot to offer. The city certainly has its ups and downs, figuratively and literally. Knowing what to expect can better help you navigate some of Lisbon’s intricacies. So allow my Lisbon travel tips to guide your planning. Public transportation is ubiquitous but consistently late Lisbon has an extensive…