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  • Surviving Oktoberfest in Munich

    Surviving Oktoberfest in Munich

    Going to Oktoberfest in Munich is easily the most worthwhile event trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve been to Mardi Gras, I’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. By comparison, those events feel like they were pretty cool. But there’s nothing quite like Oktoberfest in Munich. In part, it’s because there’s literally nothing like it. If you’ve been…

  • How to plan the perfect Eurotrip

    How to plan the perfect Eurotrip

    Before I became completely addicted to travel, I took a 16-day trip with my best friend through Europe to celebrate finishing grad school. I assumed I wouldn’t have the opportunity or the funds to go back to Europe anytime soon so instead of visiting several cities in one country, like I do now, we planned…