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  • How to use the public transportation in Porto

    How to use the public transportation in Porto

    Though the downtown area of Porto is fairly walkable, you can’t easily get everywhere on foot. There is a lot of elevation that might make it unpleasant to walk up and down the city and there are attractions like the beaches and the Serralves Museum that you can only get to by the metro or…

  • Getting around in Sofia

    Getting around in Sofia

    By far, my least favorite thing about Sofia is getting around. It’s a pretty sizable city, not all of it pleasant to walk through, and moving from one place to another can be a pain in the ass. Here are my best tips for getting around in Sofia. Public transportation The public transportation in Sofia…

  • Why I hate San Francisco

    Why I hate San Francisco

    San Francisco is one of the most beloved cities in the United States. If you ask people what their favorite city in the country is, there’s a one in three chance they’ll say San Fran, the other two being New York and Chicago. I don’t know if everyone has been brain washed by reruns of Full…