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  • Is Salzburg dog-friendly?

    Is Salzburg dog-friendly?

    Like most of Austria and neighboring countries like Czech Republic and Germany, Salzburg is fairly dog-friendly. Dogs can enjoy many of the city’s popular sites, particularly since many are outdoors. Dogs can also ride public transportation and go with their owners to many of the city’s restaurants and cafes. If you’re traveling to Salzburg with…

  • Salzburg’s highlights for a day or weekend trip

    Salzburg’s highlights for a day or weekend trip

    Though Salzburg is usually a day trip for most people, the quaint Austrian town has a lot to offer, making for a relaxing weekend trip. From ancient fortresses to musical history, Salzburg has a little something for everyone. These are some of the highlights you may not want to miss when you’re in town. Hohensalzburg…

  • Could I Live Here? Salzburg Edition

    Could I Live Here? Salzburg Edition

    Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, the setting of the Sound of Music. There’s no denying that Salzburg is a significant and historical city. But while its cute pedestrian avenues and boutique shops are eye-popping on a weekend trip, the potential for long-term residence is a bit less rosy. Atmosphere Like many cities in Austria, Salzburg…