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  • Things to do in Nice

    Things to do in Nice

    There are many things to do in Nice to enjoy a rich and lengthy stay. Here are some tips.

  • Things to do in Kyoto

    Things to do in Kyoto

    Kyoto has so many religious sites that you would probably have to spend a month there and visit two a day to see all of them. And though temples and shrines make up the bulk of the things to do in Kyoto, the city is also really cool to just wander around and soak up…

  • Tokyo in 4 days

    Tokyo in 4 days

    It’s hard to overstate how massive Tokyo is – roughly four times the size of London and almost 400 square miles larger than LA. So squeezing everything to do in Tokyo into the equivalent of a long weekend is a tall order. Even if your primary interest is eating and wandering around, you may find…

  • Is Hallstatt dog-friendly?

    Is Hallstatt dog-friendly?

    One of Austria’s most photographed places, Hallstatt attracts visitors from all over the world who are drawn to the adorable town and its stunning natural surroundings. Hallstatt sits on the edge of Lake Hallstatt and is flanked by majestic mountains that are part of the Upper Austrian Alps. With all this natural beauty, who wouldn’t…

  • Salzburg’s highlights for a day or weekend trip

    Salzburg’s highlights for a day or weekend trip

    Though Salzburg is usually a day trip for most people, the quaint Austrian town has a lot to offer, making for a relaxing weekend trip. From ancient fortresses to musical history, Salzburg has a little something for everyone. These are some of the highlights you may not want to miss when you’re in town. Hohensalzburg…

  • Top things to do in Sevilla

    Top things to do in Sevilla

    Sevilla, or Seville as it’s known to English speakers, is the crown jewel of Spain’s Andalusia region. It perfectly encompasses the cuisine, music, grand architecture, and laid back atmosphere of southern Spain. And while Sevilla has a lot of churches and towers and riverside attractions, if you’re in town for only a short stay, these…