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  • How to elope in Scotland

    How to elope in Scotland

    Scotland is a stunning backdrop for a destination wedding or elopement. Here is what you need to know about eloping in Scotland.

  • Traveling to the UK during Covid

    Traveling to the UK during Covid

    When planning travel, it’s become increasingly simple to find guidelines and rules posted on official government websites and spelled out in blogs and news articles. However, the reality of what it looks like to travel can be sort of lost in the shuffle. Most people are reporting general information with few reporting personal experiences. So…

  • Could I Live Here? Glasgow Edition

    Could I Live Here? Glasgow Edition

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I had been anywhere new where I could look around and sigh and ask myself, “Could I live here?” I suppose it was fitting that Glasgow was my first new city in more than a year, since my wife(!) and I briefly considered moving there at some point at…

  • Day trips from London

    Day trips from London

    Though I can’t imagine why you’d be in any hurry to leave London, there’s a lot to do outside the city in places where you might not otherwise want to spend the night. If you’re using the city as a home base, there are several interesting half-day and full-day trips from London that are worth…

  • Why you should visit Gibraltar on a day trip from Spain

    Why you should visit Gibraltar on a day trip from Spain

    Before I went to Iceland, Gibraltar was my favorite place in the world. The British territory is located in the south of Spain making it a great day trip from the nearby towns of Cadiz or Malaga. Why Gibraltar is awesome If you’re visiting the south of Spain, I wouldn’t miss Gibraltar for the world.…

  • One day in Liverpool

    One day in Liverpool

    If you don’t have the opportunity for a long stay in Liverpool, you can enjoy it as a day trip from a nearby (or not so nearby) city, like Manchester, Leeds, or even London. From Manchester or Leeds, you can get to Liverpool and back in under an hour. If you take a direct train…