trip anticipation

The thoughts you have before a trip

Travel is like sex. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the trip. Because you’ve already checked out of your real life, and all your thoughts are consumed by your upcoming adventure. During that twilight before takeoff, your thoughts always sound something like this.

Just one more week. It’ll be here before I know it.

I should look up things to do there.

OMG, this looks amazing. I have to go there. I’m going to start a list.

Actually, I’m going to make a Pinterest board.

Ok, I should probably get back to work.

Just kidding. Let me bookmark some good places to eat.

I wonder if I’ll get sick. Is the water safe to drink? Let me check just to make sure.

I need to buy some of those tiny bottles for my shampoo and conditioner.

Wait, do I need a power adapter?

I’m so unprepared! These pictures on Pinterest are just too distracting.

You know, I’ve never once actually read any of the helpful articles I pin. Why do I even use this site?

Ok, let me just work for like an hour and then I’ll read some blogs.

Longest hour of my life.

Are they on the Euro? A leu? What the fuck is a leu?

I have to remember to set a travel alert on my credit card.

I’m so excited, I might as well have taken this week off.

I wonder if my boss can tell that I’ve been planning my trip all day. I’ll just leave Excel open in the background just in case.

I hope the weather is good.

Should I take a bathing suit? It’s between the 40s and 60s? Yeah, I’ll take a bathing suit, just in case.

Maybe I should buy a new bathing suit.

I should go shopping. I need new clothes anyway.

Actually, what I should do is outfit plan. Maybe two evening looks? Oh, but then I have to pack 3 pairs of shoes.

Fuck it. I’ll just end up wearing jeans and Converse the whole time.

Okay, I really need to get to work.

This is like the longest week in eternity, but it’s okay. Just three more days.

Ugh, I have to pay for luggage? WHY??

I’ll just try to carry it on. Hopefully they won’t violently drag me out of my seat for not complying with their rules.

I wonder what the transportation is like there. Are cabs going to be expensive?

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

I need to stop screwing around and actually plan this.

Yeah, I’m definitely done with work this week.

Ah, finally. Freedom! Good bye, world! I’m on vacation. Talk to you never!

Maybe I just won’t come back. Do you think I could I live there?

I can’t even sleep. I’m like a child who knows she’s going to Disney the next day. Except that I’m an adult who is going to be spending several hours in a metal tube suspended in midair.

Okay, now I can’t sleep because I’m freaked out.

Thank God. I’m finally falling asleep… and my alarm is going off in 26 minutes.

Fuck, I didn’t even pack!


Does that sound familiar? Well, here is another thing you can use to distract yourself from your growing number of unread emails as you prepare for your trip.

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Enjoy your pre-vacation procrastination!




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  1. Beth Avatar

    As your former boss, you mostly had me fooled! I really thought you were doing actual work. 😉

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