coronavirus ruins travel plans

Things to do at home when coronavirus ruins your travel plans

For someone for whom travel is kind of a part time job, this coronavirus outbreak has been pretty disruptive. I’ve already kissed goodbye to tentative travel all over the world – no United Arab Emirates, no France, no Japan and South Korea, and definitely no cruise on the Nile in Egypt. If you’re a travel addict like me, you’re probably wondering what the hell to do with yourself now that travel is being cancelled left and right. Fret not. There’s more to life than travel (really!). Here are some suggestions to fill your time with when coronavirus ruins your travel plans.

Take up that hobby you’ve always been interested in

Being under quarantine might seem endlessly boring, but it can provide many hours for you to dedicate to learning how to play an instrument, how to knit, how to bake bread, or do origami. According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something. So maybe you can thank the coronavirus when you become a yogi or a fashion designer.

Find a way to make money online

Even people who aren’t worried about the virus are worried about their livelihood. You can take advantage of the extra time you’re spending at home to figure out how you can make some money from home. Exploit every skill, experience, and education you have and look for remote jobs worldwide. From writing to IT to data entry, business is always booming somewhere. Maybe by the time this all blows over, you’ll realize you can make more money from home than you ever did at an office.

Learn a language

If you like to travel or if you have aspirations of becoming an expat, a good way to make use of your time is to learn a language you enjoy. Learning a language requires effort and a lot of time, so if you have the latter and you’re willing to put in the former, you might actually end up with a valuable skill that is useful for both travel and work.

Read the books you’ve been meaning to

Everyone loves buying books they never get around to reading, so get to your reading list. Instead of wasting time reading the news – there’s a contagious pandemic and a US election, I can’t imagine anything worse – read a book! Pick up the latest novel by your favorite author or grab the latest self-help book you think will finally turn your life around.

Catch up with your shows

Why not spend your time at home doing something you’d be doing anyway, binging television like you can’t leave your house because there’s a deadly virus outside. If you’ve run out of new shows to watch, re-watch your favorites. Maybe you can finally get around to watching all of the iterations of Doctor Who, maybe the Lost ending will be less awful the second time around.

Work out

Ugh I know – I rather let the coronavirus kill me, but hear me out. If you can’t spend any time at the gym or outside, you can make up for the lack of physical activity by doing some exercise in your own home. Do some light weight training or bust out the Wii Fit that’s been collecting dust since sophomore year of college. You’ll have so much time to work on your #hotgirlsummer body that when you emerge, your tight ass will be the only thing sending people to urgent care.

Have sex

Listen, we may have to repopulate the planet by the time the coronavirus is done with us. You can do your part in the effort by getting down while you’re in isolation. Those of us that are gay or single will enjoy ourselves in solidarity and come December, we can buy you an awesome baby shower gift with all the money we’ll have sitting around that we’re not spending on a child.

Plan for an epic trip you can take when you can travel again

Do you know what kind of trip you can take later this year with all the money and time off you’ll have saved until then? Fuck Italy. You can spend three weeks sailing around Fiji. Use this downtime to budget and plan for how to get dive certified or rent an overwater bungalow. Don’t let coronavirus kill your wandering spirit – nourish however you can so when it comes back, it comes back with a bloody vengeance.





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