travel with different kinds of people

Travel with different kinds of people

The more I travel, the more open I am to traveling with different kinds of people. Sure, it’s nice to travel with someone who shares the same interests as you. And sometimes it can be difficult to navigate different travel styles. But if you’re open to it, you can get the most out of a place by traveling with people who will show you things you would never think to seek out.

Everyone’s passion brings a unique element to any trip. You may even find that the same destination feels completely different with changed company.

Travel with the music fan

music festival

The music fan will go to worst city in the US (ahem… Philadelphia) to see a good band play. They’ll convince you to drive 6 hours round trip for a concert. They’ll plan a whole vacation around a good music festival. And when they find themselves in a new city, they’ll seek out the local music scene just to see what it’s like.

Travel with the history buff

The best part about travel is seeing history come to life. Reading about a war in a book doesn’t really compared to seeing it in person. And no one appreciates that more than someone who loves history. They’ll know all the most important historical sites where you’re going and can give you a private guided tour, without all the bad jokes.

Travel with the foodie

foodie travel

With the foodie, you’ll never have a bad meal. Because they love food and they make every meal count. They already know all the best restaurants in the city and want to eat at all of them. Travel with the foodie because life is too short to have a bad meal.

Travel with the drinker

The drinker will want to go to all the wineries and breweries in town. They’ll want the best cocktails and to hang out all afternoon laughing and enjoying each other’s company over a round of drinks. You’ll wake up every morning of your trip wondering what the hell happened the night before.

beer drinking

Travel with the non-drinker

The non-drinker is the most efficient travel buddy. Without hours to waste away on drinking, they get the most out of every city. With the non-drinker, you’ll wake up early and hangover-free every morning.

Travel with the outdoorsy person

Even if you don’t like the outdoors, sometimes there’s simply nothing more beautiful and awe-inspiring than nature. They’ll want to climb the nearest mountain and go check out the famous waterfalls or national park nearby. They won’t miss an opportunity to see the flowers in the spring or to spot the local wildlife.

Travel with the sports fan

barcelona game

Sometimes the coolest thing to do in a city is to take part in their local sports culture. Travel with the sports fan just because they’ll want to go to legendary stadiums to see the home team play. Sometimes enjoying a city like a local is done best from the bleachers of the soccer field.

Travel with the art connoisseur

The best museums in the world are not necessarily the most well-known. The person who really appreciates art makes a great travel partner because they can take you to the coolest galleries and exhibits. Like the history buff, the art connoisseur can double as a guide. See? You knew that art history degree would be good for something!

Travel with the fashionista

The fashionista looks good everywhere she (or he) goes. And by traveling with them, you’ll look good, too. They can find you the coolest outfits in the smallest boutiques. They’ll take you to a fashion museum instead of the Louvre. And you’ll love it!

Travel with the bookworm


The bookworm sees the world through black and white pages. They want to see the most beautiful libraries in a new city and pick up something to read on the train at a nice bookstore. They travel to see the places they’ve read about come to life.

Travel with the person who never travels

Traveling with someone who hardly travels is a bit of a gamble. What if they hate it? What if it’s too stressful or tiring for them? Your job is to make them love it. Take all the travel knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years from the places you’ve seen and the people you’ve gone with and pass it on.

The best thing about traveling with someone who doesn’t travel is that they will see every place with a sense of wonder and awe. So even if you’re a seasoned traveler, they’ll make the old seem new again.



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