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Traveling for work vs. traveling for fun

Travel isn’t always a trip. Having to go somewhere for work tends to suck most of the fun out of travel for a few different reasons. The main ones being 1. work and 2. coworkers. Here are some of the biggest differences between traveling for work and traveling for fun.

Traveling for fun: If I can’t fit all my stuff into this carry on bag, I will wear three outfits to the airport.
Traveling for work: I’m definitely checking that bag. The company can pay for it.

Traveling for fun: I’m so excited to spend the next few days with people I love, relaxing and having a good time.
Traveling for work: “Can you book me at a different hotel from everyone else?”

Traveling for fun: Yay! Out of the office!
Traveling for work: Ugh, I’m just in another office where I can’t find the bathrooms.

Traveling for fun: Oof, I’m arriving at 2 pm. I’m going to be exhausted, but that gives me plenty of daylight to enjoy the city.
Traveling for work: I have to go straight to the office after my flight? That’s real dick.

Traveling for fun: That restaurant looks a little pricey. I’m gonna find something a little more reasonable.
Traveling for work: Let me get the lobster bisque… as a starter. Then I’ll have the king crab. Oh and can I get a glass of Chardonnay? Actually, make that a bottle.

Traveling for fun: Meeting people and socializing is the best part of a vacation.
Traveling for work: If I have to have one more dinner with Roger, I’m going to quit this job, effective immediately.

Traveling for fun: What to do today? Some sightseeing, maybe visit a museum after lunch?
Traveling for work: These people couldn’t have put me in an office with a window?

Traveling for fun: Everyone abroad is so interesting to talk to!
Traveling for work: Why is everyone in satellite offices always so damn weird? Who would hire these people?

Traveling for fun: “No I don’t need a copy of the receipt. I don’t wanna remember how much I spent tonight.”
Traveling for work: “Um… I need a receipt for this coffee. I’m expensing that shit.”

Traveling for fun: “We got so crazy last night. I can’t remember anything past 2 am. Hahaha look at my Insta story!”
Traveling for work: I wish I didn’t remember how drunk Roger was at dinner. AWKWARD.

Traveling for fun: I haven’t checked my work email in five whole days.
Traveling for work: I’ve been working for 72 hours straight.

Traveling for fun: I don’t want my vacation to be over!
Traveling for work: Dear God, can I go home?

Traveling for fun: I’m gonna get waaaaasted tonight!
Traveling for work: I’m gonna get waaaaasted tonight!


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