love of a nomad

Understanding the love of a nomad

Nomads are not like everybody else. We don’t live like everyone else. We don’t work like everyone else. And we don’t love like everyone else.

We don’t settle

Everything in a nomad’s life is transient, so there is no such thing as convenience. We only have until the expiration of our visa or the date of our next flight. We don’t settle for whatever is there just because it’s convenient. Because “there” is relative, and there is a good chance we will soon be elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean we can’t commit. It just means we won’t settle for anything less than precisely what we want. But if you can show us that you are what we want, you can have us forever.

We fight for our happiness

We’re not constrained by concepts like time, distance, and possibility. What most people consider an insurmountable obstacle, nomads consider a challenge and an opportunity. Because we chase happiness wherever it goes, instead of waiting for it to come to us.

And if we love you, we will fight for your happiness, too. We’ll always encourage you to take the risks you’re afraid to take. Because happiness is not in succeeding; it’s in knowing that you tried. And we want you to be happy. We’ll go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.

We love passionately

Nomads value time above all else. So if you are worth our time, trust us, you’ll know it. We don’t do anything that we don’t consider worthwhile. If we did, we’d be sitting in an office somewhere in some nameless metropolis. Instead, we spend our time pursuing our passion and loving every second of it. And when we love you, we will constantly find creative ways to show it.

We won’t take you for granted when you’re not around. And even less when you are. You’ll be in our thoughts wherever we go. But if we’re lucky, you’ll just agree to come with us.

We want to show you the world

We don’t travel because we’re restless or unhappy. We travel because we want to squeeze as much of this infinite world into a tiny lifetime. And we want you to take you along on the journey. Give us a list of all the places you want to visit, and we will take you to every last one. Because there’s nothing more thrilling to a nomad than visiting a place with someone who really wants to be there.

So let’s go an African safari. Let’s hike the Great Wall. Let’s move to Bali for a year. Is that unrealistic? Of course it is! But who wants to live in reality when you can live in a fantasy of your own design?

We don’t need you

We’re not afraid of being alone, so we don’t love out of desperation. If we’re with you, it’s because we want to be. Because we’ve picked you out of all the fish in all the seas. And if you give us reason to believe that you deserve it, we’ll never give you less than 110% of our affection and devotion no matter how far away we might be. Just know that we’ll demand the same from you. Because we won’t settle for less.

But we promise the effort will be worth it.






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