unique prague date ideas

9 unique Prague date ideas

Ah, summer in Prague. It’s a time for drinking at sidewalk cafes, checking out food festivals, and listening to your neighbors have sex through their open windows. If the summer warmth has got you feeling particularly amorous, here are some unique Prague date ideas to inspire you.

Go paddle-boating on the river

prague date ideas

A fun though slightly touristy thing to do on a date in Prague is rent one of the paddle boats and take a spin around the most beautiful parts of the Vltava River. You’ll be able to see Prague’s iconic sights like the castle, Charles Bridge, and the National Theatre from the privacy and comfort of your own sightseeing boat. Bonus points for the fact that you can buy drinks from the restaurants and bars that sit on the river, so make sure you bring cash.

Have a picnic at Vyšehrad

prague date ideas

Prague’s “other castle” is an ideal locale for a romantic date. Largely ignored by the throngs of tourists that crowd Prague city center every year, the hilltop fortress has beautiful gardens, a church, a cemetary, and a 360 degree view of the surrounding area from the fortress walls. The sprawling grounds of the fortress are a perfect setting, complete with a view, to bring a picnic basket full of wine, cheese, and fresh strawberries. Just make a pit stop at one of the farmer’s markets on your way there and you’ll get all the essentials you need.

Enjoy a beer at the Strahov Brewery

The only thing Prague is not short on is beer, but the Strahov Monastery has the only brewery in town that dates back to the 17th century. True to their monastic roots, their craft beer selections are still made based on the beer purity law from its inception and are served with hearty plates of Czech cuisine. Given its elevated location behind Prague Castle, the best way to turn this into a good Prague date is to come by tram and then walk downhill through Malá Strana on the quaint streets that offer a great view of the city.

Eat and drink at Manifesto

Over the past couple of years, Manifesto Market has redefined the drinking and dining concept in Prague. As of July 2019, the pop-up outdoor market has two locations in Florenc and Smichov, where you can have food from some of the best restaurants in town, craft cocktails, and even do a little shopping for cutesy locally crafted bags, sunglasses, or socks. What makes this an ideal date is that having so many food options eliminates the dreaded argument about what you both want to eat. Aside from providing a rotating offer of food and drink, Manifesto also has a schedule of weekly entertainment which include DJs and live musicians.

Go to a movie screening

Prague’s answer to the summer blockbuster is the outdoor movie screening. Because who wants to be couped up inside a stuffy movie theatre when the weather is so nice out? Several locations including bar terraces and cultural centers throughout the city like Kasarna Karlin and the roof of the Trade Fair Palace offer regular screenings of new and classic movies. The best part about this date idea is that the screenings are often free or less than 100 czk, so you can enjoy one of your favorite films under the stars without spending much.

Have some wine at Grebovka

grebovka prague date ideas

Now a gorgeous city park, Haličkovy sady sits on the site of the historical “Grebovka” vineyards. It still has a hillside vineyard that overlooks the park and the city, but more importantly, it has two historic buildings where you can enjoy the vineyard’s wine. When they’re not rented out for a wedding, the Grebovka Pavillion and the beautiful wooden gazebo, Vinični Altán, have samples of the wine and if you’re feeling up for it, a whole dinner menu. The gazebo is also sometimes used for salsa dancing (which is a date idea all on its own). After you’ve gotten good and wine drunk, you can take your lover for a walk in the surrounding park area to sit by the grotto fountain or the koi pond.

Check out a comedy show

If you’re in the mood to laugh, a good date in Prague is to check out the city’s growing comedy scene. Keep an eye out for comedy events at bars around town. London Underground Bar has free comedy shows every Friday. Since 2017, Velvet Comedy has been bringing the funny (in English) to venues all over the Czech Republic. Their calendar features regular local comedy acts as well as open mic nights at Bar… Coming Soon and Czech Inn. The group has also worked to bring international comedians like Todd Barry to the Prague stage.

Go to a jazz bar

If you want to spice up the usual beer and wine happy hour, change your regular old pub for a livelier atmosphere. Prague has a few renowned blues and jazz venues where you can have a cocktail and see a live band. You can discover the city’s extensive jazz scene at historic places like Reduta Jazz Club, which has been around since the ’50s, or at contemporary venues like Jazz Republic and Jazz Dock on the bank of the river. Though many shows require a paid ticket, particularly if well-known musicians are visiting, Jazz Republic offers free jazz music during the week.

Enjoy a spa day

date ideas prague spa

For a date that’s just as popular in the summer as it is in the winter, treat yourself to a spa day. Nothing is quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as spending the day in different steam rooms and saunas before taking a dip in a pool or simply relaxing in a hot tub. You can make it extra special by doing a couple’s massage. And if you’re looking for ways to do this on a budget, you can read more here about the cheapest saunas in town.

After any one of these romantic and unique Prague date ideas, you can go home and become the reason why your neighbors are looking out their windows to try to figure out who is having sex.

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