vegan-friendly restaurants in prague

Vegan-friendly restaurants in Prague

Though Czech cuisine is traditionally heavy on meat, Prague is extremely progressive when it comes to dietary preferences. Vegetarian options are pretty much everywhere, and vegan options are increasingly available even in non-vegan restaurants. Though I myself am an unrepentant meat-eater, I had to find a way to accommodate a vegan friend visiting Prague. So here is an extensive (though incomplete) list of where you can find vegan food in Prague.

Strictly vegan restaurants in Prague

Moment Bistro


Perhaps one of the hardest things about being vegan in Prague is not being to experience traditional Czech cuisine. Thankfully, Shromazdiste has got you covered with vegan versions of Czech favorites like scvickova, potato dumplings, and goulash.

Sandokan Vegan Bistro

This buffet-style vegan bistro features Indian curries and falafel as well as other rotating dishes made with the freshest ingredients of the day. Easy for a quick lunch or take-out, your food is paid by weight.

Dhaba Beas


Located just at the foot of Petrin Hill in Mala Strana, this vegetarian restaurant has plenty of vegan options and a boho garden to enjoy a day of good weather.

Veget Bistro Café


vegan-friendly prague

Fully plant-based, this vegan restaurant offers all kinds of cuisines to satisfy your cravings from sushi bowls to burgers and everything in between.

Veggie Garden

Lehka Hlava

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

If you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth, Blue Vegan Pig Shop has a wide variety of ooey gooey donuts of many flavors.

Imaginarni Zmrzlina

Because vegans love ice cream too.

Lihn’s Vegan Corner 

Loving Hut

vegan in prague

Though this is an international chain and there’s nothing specifically Czech about it, sometimes it’s nice to visit a restaurant you know and love. It’s like going to McDonald’s in Japan.

Maitrea Restaurace 

Vegan’s Prague


Satsang is a hip eatery that has an excellent selection of vegan favorites that heavily feature Asian and Latin dishes like burritos and curries. Dishes can be vegetarian with the addition of egg and cheese.


Electric Sheep Book Bar

This is technically primarily a book-themed cocktail bar but they have a small rotating menu of vegan snacks and desserts. Good if you’re not exactly starving but you’re feeling peckish while you enjoy a cocktail.


Restaurants with vegan options in Prague

Thai Station

If you’re looking for authentic high-quality Thai dishes without having to go to Bangkok, Thai Station is your stop. Most of the dishes are vegan-friendly, switching up beef and chicken for tofu.

Café Sladkovsky

This funky bar and café is a laid-back hangout where vegans and non-vegans can dine in harmony together. With a menu that offers vegan soups and falafel dishes alongside burgers and pork belly, every diet can be accommodated.

The Street Burgers

The Tavern

Sumi Garden

vegan in prague
Not vegan sushi obviously.

Hands down, the best sushi restaurant in Prague, Sumi Garden is accommodating to vegan diners with vegan options that are not exactly on the menu. Just ask!

Third Coast Pizza


Vegan and vegetarian grocery stores in Prague

If you want to pick up some snacks without having to go through the trouble of trying to find vegan products at regular grocery stores and corner shops, Prague also has a few vegan grocery stores.

World Vegan

Country Life Restaurant

Puro Shop

It’s easy to see how vegan-friendly Prague is. So don’t let the pork knuckles and heavy beef dishes of the Czech Republic put you off from visiting if you’re vegan.

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