visiting reims with a dog

Visiting Reims and the Champagne region with a dog

The world-renowned Champagne region of France is a must-visit for anyone who knows that it’s only champagne when it comes from the Champagne region of France. Surely, the dog-loving French are just as tolerant of our lovable pets at the Reims champagne houses, no? The answer is yes and no. If you’re visiting Reims and the Champagne region with a dog, your dog will likely be forbidden from a lot of activities. But I have all the scoop for you about where you can and can’t go in Reims and Champagne with a dog.

Visiting Reims with a dog

is reims dog-friendly

There are a couple of major cities in the Champagne region that attract sparkling wine lovers including Epernay, Troyes, and Reims. We picked Reims, because Veuve Clicquot is my favorite champagne, and that’s where their champagne house is. But you may be more interested in sipping Dom Perignon at the Moet & Chandon cellars. Either way, your likelihood of getting into one of the cellars with a dog is close to zero.

So where can you go with a dog in Reims and the region as a whole? That depends on whether you’re looking to do a champagne tour or just sitting down at one of their terraces and doing a DIY tasting. If I’m being honest, even if we didn’t have a dog, I probably wouldn’t want to sit through three or four hour-long presentations about how champagne is made to be able to drink some. So we did one dog-friendly tour and visited two other champagne houses with our dog just to drink.

The cave tour at GH Martel

visiting champagne with a dog

According to the Reims Tourism Office, there are two champagne houses that allow tours with a dog: GH Martel and De Cazanove. Mumm will also allow you to take a dog on a tour but only if they’re in a bag, which our dog is slightly too big and rambunctious for. So we made a booking (in advance) at Martel. The good thing about visiting one of the smaller champagne houses is that you can pretty much get Veuve or Taittinger anywhere, but we got to try a smaller lesser-known brand that was just as delicious. And the bottles we bought to take home were markedly cheaper than anything we would get at the bigger houses.

The tour starts in the courtyard of their small operation before moving down to the cellar. I’m fairly certain that the reason why dogs are allowed on this tour is because modern-day production has moved to Epernay where they have more space to produce, so your dog can’t accidentally contaminate the champagne-making process. In the Martel caves, you can also see some of the 3rd century chalk quarries which provided a lot of the materials that built the city above ground and became champagne cellars.  

The tour is also an informative journey about how different champagnes are produced, ending in their tasting room where you can opt for a basic or premium tasting. Despite not being able to visit a larger and more “prestigious” champagne operation in Reims, the visit was enjoyable and laid-back. And when our host finished his presentation and we all clapped, our dog woke up and started barking and everyone laughed. I’m grateful we got to have the experience at all considering we had our dog with us.

Dog-friendly champagne tastings in Reims

visiting reims with a dog

Where else can you knock back a few glasses of champagne with your dog in Reims? Our first stop was Café Clicquot, the lovely outdoor terrace of the Veuve Clicquot champagne house. Though the dog is not allowed anywhere indoors (including the gift shop), they are welcome with open arms at the café, where he was brought water immediately. They have a couple of tastings on the menu that range from some of their basics to a selection of their vintage champagnes. They also had an incredible menu. We had the burger with our champagne, and it was spectacular.

Pro tip: If you plan to buy champagne as a souvenir, I would skip Veuve, which has ridiculously marked-up prices. For example, a bottle of La Grande Dame is 220 euro here but 170 back home in Prague.

visiting champagne with a dog

You can also visit Vranken Pommery, which offers a dog-unfriendly self-guided tour of the cellars, which double as a modern art gallery. If you have a dog, you can sit on the terrace of the restaurant, Le Refectoire, where you can drink or dine. Although when we went, the terrace was closed but since our dog is fairly small, they let us sit at the bar inside and even brought him water.

visiting champagne with a dog

GH Mumm also has an outdoor garden that is dog-friendly. And Lanson, which one of the city’s oldest champagne houses. It’s just south of the city has a dog-friendly shop and outdoor terrace where you can do a tasting with your dog.

Reims Champagne houses where dogs are not allowed

To save you the trouble and disappointment of trying, here are the places where dogs are definitely not allowed anywhere on the premises:

Maison Ruinart


Pol Couronne

Palmer & Co.

Other dog-friendly things to do in Reims

In between glasses of champagne, you and your dog will probably want to get up to other things. Luckily, the town has some beautiful green parks to enjoy. For instance, the Parc de Champagne is a massive green space with an area where your dog can run around unleashed. The Parc de la Butte Saint-Nicaise is also a conveniently located park which you can walk through between Veuve Clicquot and Vranken-Pommery. If you’re visiting Lanson, you can also pass through Parc Leo Legrange, which has a small pond surrounded by a wooded area.

Near the Reims train station, you’ll also find the Square de la Patte d’Oie and the Hautes Promenades where you’ll find 3rd century La Porte de Mars, the widest Roman arc in the world. This is also where Reims Christmas markets are held if you’re visiting at that time of year.

visiting reims with a dog

If you’re visiting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Reims, which I recommend because it’s gorgeous and free, your dog can wait outside at a small park across the street where you’ll find a statue of Joan of Arc. Alternatively, you can visit the Reims Tourism Office which is just a few steps away and where they have water bowls and will give you a bag of treats for your dog.

visiting reims with a dog

Places to eat with your dog in Reims

Like other cities in France, your dog is more likely than not to be allowed to dine at a restaurant with you, particularly if there’s an outdoor garden or terrace. But just to take out the guesswork, here are some places where they would definitely be allowed:

Le Gaulois

Le Tablier


231 East Street


Sacre Brunch

La Trattoria

Le Petit Basque

La Table Saint Thomas

Chevre et Menthe

En Appart’ The

La Maison

La Braise


Getting around Reims with a dog

visiting champagne with a dog

Reims is relatively walkable, so thankfully, you don’t need to rely on public transportation, which is not dog-friendly. However, if you’re in a pinch and need to go somewhere quickly, you can also use Uber Pet, or call a taxi and let them know you have a dog.

Dog-friendly champagne houses outside of Reims

visiting reims with a dog

If you’re visiting with a car, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to dog-friendly access around Champagne. The great thing about visiting champagne houses outside of Reims is that most of them are located on a vineyard instead of just being a tourist visitor center. On the other hand, if you’re driving, you can’t enjoy as much of the champagne as you would in Reims where you can just stumble around drunk.

Le Gallais in Boursalt

Even though we didn’t make it in the end, this was our top pick for a champagne tour outside of Reims, because they’re so welcoming to dogs. Champagne Le Gallais is about 36 km from Reims and offers dog-friendly tours and tastings in their 16th century manor house as well as a walk through the vineyards. They also offer a sabrage class where you learn to open a champagne bottle with a saber.

The Reims tourism office was also kind enough to provide a list of English-speaking winegrowers outside the city that welcome dogs:

Champagne Boulard-Bauquaire – 30 rue du Petit Guyencourt – 51220 CORMICY – Tél. 03 26 61 30 79

Champagne Louis Brochet – 12 rue de Villers aux Nœuds – 51500 ECUEIL – Tél 03 26 49 77 44

Champagne Charton-Guillaume – 3 rue des Côteaux – 51390 MERY PREMECY – Tél. 03 26 03 67 66

Champagne Clos De La Chapelle – 44 rue de Reims – 51390 VILLEDOMMANGE – Tél 03 26 49 26 76

Champagne Gaston Collard – 3 rue de Tours sur Marne – 51150 BOUZY – Tél. 03 26 57 02 43

Champagne Emmanuel Cosnard – 4 rue de la Folie – 51420 BERRU – Tél 03 26 47 46 55

Champagne Couvreur Philippart – 12 rue de Reims – 51500 RILLY LA MONTAGNE – Tél 03 26 03 40 05

Champagne Cuillier – 14 place d’Armes – 51220 POUILLON – Tél. 03 26 03 18 74

Champagne Franck Debut – Rue des Grattières – 51220 HERMONVILLE – Tél 03 26 61 52 74

Champagne De Sloovere Pienne – La Grange Le Comte – 51530 BRUGNY – Tél 03 26 54 31 24

Champagne Daniel Dumont – 11 rue Gambetta – 51500 RILLY LA MONTAGNE – Tél. 03 26 03 40 67

Champagne Henri Giraud – 710 Bld Charles de Gaulle – 51160 AY CHAMPAGNE – Tél 03 26 55 18 55

Champagne Alfred Gratien –  30 rue Maurice Cerveaux – 51200 EPERNAY – Tél 03 26 54 38 20

Champagne Jean-Pol Hautbois – 15 rue du Travy – 51140 PEVY – Tél 03 26 48 20 98

Champagne Jorez-Lebrun – 39 rue Victor Hugo – 51500 LUDES – Tél 03 26 61 13 32

Champagne Charles Mignon – 6-7 rue Irène Joliot Curie – 51200 EPERNAY – Tél 03 26 58 33 33

Champagne Leclere Pointillart – 3 grande rue – 51500 ECUEIL – Tél. 03 26 49 77 47

Champagne Renaudin – 35 rue de la Liberté – 51530 MOUSSY – Tél 03 26 54 03 51

Champagne Piot Sevillano – 23 rue d’Argentelle – 51700 VINCELLES – Tél. 03 26 58 23 88

Champagne Christophe Varlot – 8 allée du Jardinot – 51380 TREPAIL – Tél. 03 26 58 44 01

I did additional research, because I am nothing if not prepared, and found some other champagne houses that allow dogs for tastings:

Champagne Bauchet

Champagne Boutillez Marchand

Champagne Louis de Sacy

Champagne Salmon

Champagne Godme Sabine

Champagne Mailly

Champagne Michel Tixier

Champagne Maurice Lassalle

Champagne Michel Fagot

Champagne Luc Merat

It’s important to note, whether you have a dog or not, that almost all champagne tastings (unless it’s in a restaurant) require pre-booking and typically occur only at scheduled times of the day. So make sure you check their website or an authorized third party like or reach out directly to make a booking.

So as you can see, not all is lost. It’s absolutely possible to visit Reims and Champagne with a dog and still enjoy some of the best bubbly the region has to offer. Just make sure your dog stays away from those grapes!


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