most hated travel destination

What’s your most hated travel destination?

Based on a completely random sample of people I happened to ask, these are some of your most hated travel destinations all over the world.

I think I hated Toronto the most. I find Toronto to be super overrated. Especially after the charm of Montreal and Quebec City. It’s just like a shitty American downtown feeling. It’s too big.

Malmo, the turd of Scandinavia. There’s nothing there! I want you to note that I in no way think Malmo is a “travel destination” and I don’t know how we ended up there.

I would not go back to Vienna. No personality at all. I can’t connect with a city that doesn’t have personality.

I hated Paris. It smelled. The people are rude as fuck. It’s dirty. I will visit again but the first trip was not a win.

Atchison, Kansas. We went on a road trip because the Travel Channel said it was the most haunted city in the USA. However the haunted tour that we took was a little hokie. Our guide was dressed as a witch! It was ridiculous.

I hated Boston. Maybe I will like it now. I went when I was in 5th grade. I thought it was dirty and dingy. I was appalled at the brownstones with people living in basements.

I hated New York for similar reasons. Except we went in summer and it was hot. There were so many people, people were rude, the transit system isn’t very easy to use if you don’t have experience with transit overall. You couldn’t just stroll, you had to walk with a purpose, which isn’t what you do on vacation.

Maui. Least favorite trip because the flight was so long. As long as Europe just to get to Oahu and then another flight to Maui. It’s expensive. Every single thing is geared towards couples and especially honeymooners. I was with a girlfriend and…we weren’t a couple. We did the Road to Hana. 8 hours (or more) in a car with some serious queasiness from all the turns just to see some cute small waterfalls and this town that has, um, nothing. The kicker was when we went to a respectable and big luau. At some point, the emcee asked everyone on their honeymoon to stand up. Half the crowd did. He told them to remain standing. Then he went through the years…”those married 5 years or longer, stand up…those married 10 years or longer stand up,” etc. I don’t think the girl-girl marriage thing was legal back then because I sure wish we had been married because were the only ones still sitting.

Madrid. It’s the only city of my Spain trip I did not like. Felt like a shitty, wannabe NYC.

Bogota is a fucking dump. But I have to think about it. Because Dar Es Salam was rough too, considering my taxi driver got into an accident on the way to the airport and he left me alone in the car and people began to mob it. I had to physically lock the doors myself. The traffic there is terrible. Getting into the city so we could get to a little beach took hours.

I remember thinking Las Vegas was kinda nasty. I went there when I was 13 though. It’s a cesspool of germs.

Kansas City, MO because the downtown smells like hotdogs. I’ve been to like 7 places.

It would be China but the history and architecture make up for it. Hazardous breathing and people are kind of sneaky and mean. And the city is dirty as fuck. I still can’t get out the cigarette smell from my favorite red coat that I took to China. And maybe it’s just Beijing but seeing all of the culture is worth the smells and skeevy people.

I have been thinking about this for an hour and I cannot come up with a single destination that I disliked. Maybe because anxiety makes me always imagine the worst, I usually end up pleasantly surprised?




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  1. The-man-with-no-name Avatar

    Anywhere in Iowa. I personally know every fucking rock along interstate 80. If you like cornfields…..lots of cornfields…..endless cornfields for mile after mile…..then Iowa is for you. At 2a.m. on a back dirt country road(which is pretty much every fucking road that ISN’T interstate 80)I was was being stalked for miles by a mean-ass dog that never stopped growling or trailing my sorry ass for hours in the pitch black and some nut fuck farmer was riding his tractor out in his field with the headlights on. Guess he had to get a jump on all his cornhole neighbors or something. Then the fucking backwoods cops arrested me and took me out to an even more countrified country back road and took turns beating the fuck out of me while shining a flashlight in my eyes trying to get me to confess to something I obviously didn’t do. They later released me when the real culprit was caught… apology necessary, thank you. Oh, and the Mighty Mississippi runs through about a third of the country so viewing that powerful river flow by from ANYWHERE other than Iowa would be a good choice. And if you have a death wish then I highly recommend trying to walk across the Mississippi river via the “walkway” along Interstate 80.
    I don’t want you to think I had one random bad weekend in Iowa and so it therefore colored my visit. I went there many,many times. They were all bad. Iowa sucks. Do I win?

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