World traveler seeks partner in flight

Avid female traveler seeks partner to see the world with. The ideal person can be male or female. Any age is acceptable as long as you have a high degree of emotional maturity, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re a good match if you:

  1. Are not the kind of person that has a detailed itinerary every day. You can relax and see where the day takes you.
  2. Can equally enjoy an art exhibit, a walk through a nature preserve, or a few local beers. Preferably all on the same day.
  3. Don’t snooze for 45 minutes in the morning. Because that will just wake me up 45 minutes before I intended to. And I’m not scared to find out how local laws punish for aggravated assault.
  4. Would know that’s a joke. Sense of humor is essential. And if you don’t make me laugh, this will never work.
  5. Love all different types of food. Dinner should be a culinary adventure. I never eat the same kind of food twice in one day.
  6. Pack light. If you can’t run with all your luggage through an airport or train station, we simply aren’t right for each other.
  7. Are willing to walk with me through all the derelict parts of town in search of street art and general mischief.
  8. Are brave enough to push me to do things outside my comfort zone, but you are also responsible enough to hold me back from doing something reckless or unsafe.
  9. Love to walk 8-10 miles a day just as much as you love to lie on a beach all day.
  10. Don’t take too long to get ready in the morning. There’s a whole world out there to see! Don’t make me wait for it while you spend an hour doing your hair please.
  11. Love live theater and live music. You’d be willing to go out of the way to see a good concert or festival.
  12. Give good massages. A world traveler gets sore after a day of exploring.
  13. Take awesome photos. Maintaining a blog is hard work. I would love to travel with someone who can handle the photography, so I can focus on my writing. I can repay you in absolute devotion and affection.
  14. Don’t mind that I get into my own zone when we have some down time to write or listen to music.
  15. Respect other cultures, even if you don’t love them.
  16. Don’t spend all your meals texting on your phone.
  17. Tell me when I have food in my teeth. Anyone who won’t is a monster, and I want nothing to do with them.
  18. Can drive stick, so we can rent a car and get to all the hard to reach places of the world.
  19. Speak different languages, so you can teach me one I don’t know. I love learning from people.
  20. Don’t panic when something goes wrong.
  21. Can have insightful conversations about culture and world events. But you can also laugh for 15 minutes about the word “Ausfahrt.”
  22. Are willing to go somewhere you’ve never even heard of if there’s a good deal.
  23. Like and respect my gnome. I love traveling with people who can give me a heads up about a good gnome photo opportunity before I see it.

If you think this is you, meet me in Bangkok this November. You’ll find me; I’m the girl with the gnome.




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